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Mobile gaming is a hit-driven industry. Successful game studios can go from startup to unicorn in a single year. Goodbay specializes in player support that scales with your success, without sacrificing quality.


What makes us successful is we hire avid fans and build time into their workday to play your game. They share a passion for your game in every ticket. Gaming is a culture and we embody that, so your players see our excitement in each response.


Goodbay unlocks insights from your players. Bugs and trending issues are reported immediately to live ops and engineering teams. Detailed Voice of the Player and Dissatisfied Player reports offer areas of opportunity within your game.

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Players’ support demands shift over time. Initial enthusiasm for a new freemium can morph into an expectation for superior service that matches lifetime spend. Goodbay’s processes are agile and pivot with your shifting business, game and player expectations.