Intelligent Customer Service
Solutions for close to two decades

We started from humble beginnings and have never taken on capital. We originally focused on consumer electronics support until 2011 when we pivoted to mobile app, gaming and new economy clients. In our close to two decades of doing business, we are most proud of 100% of our pilots converting to long term partnerships, many of those over a decade strong! For more Goodbay news including our press releases, click here.

Founder’s Story

Founder, Sapan Shahani, born in Bombay and raised in Hong Kong, came to the US to study Finance & Entrepreneurship at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. After a career in strategy consulting, he left to pursue an idea he discovered after reading an article in the Economist that described the world’s best companies moving their support to India. Sapan points to this simple reason for the company’s success.

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Our Core Values & Culture

At Goodbay, we go the extra mile in order to ensure your customers are receiving the service they deserve, so we ensure our team is treated with the highest standards of care, from the bottom, up. By taking care of our people, they have the tools and motivation to provide you state of the art customer service and management consultancy solutions.

Humility and Respect

  • There is no ego in our work culture
  • Trust is the foundation of our relationships
  • We support and empower each other from within


  • We give and seek input with each other
  • We solve problems and make smarter decisions together
  • There are no departmental silos, we are all in this together


  • We value analytics and data to drive intelligent decision making
  • We look for ways to innovate smarter ways to serve our clients

Can-Do Attitude

  • We are tireless in our work ethic
  • We are flexible in accommodating the needs and demands of our clients

Opportunity Based On Merit

  • We opt for talent over tenure and recognize great achievements when we see them
  • We strive to provide opportunities for our team to excel and expand their role

We Do What We Say

  • We get it done with an attention to detail
  • We follow through and do what we said we would do