Goodbay empowers your business to continually re-imagine customer support. We’ll help you build a customer experience (CX) structure to transform your organization in all the right ways, reaching a new level of flexibility and turning customers into passionate advocates for your brand. With a focus on business growth, we know how to optimize customer experiences across the lifecycle. We proactively collaborate with your sales, marketing, and product development teams to share insights across departments. We help you break down silos of information to ensure everyone is empowered to drive improvement across your business.

CX Roadmap

We constantly explore and test new ways of optimizing customer support.


Digital Transformation

Your customers live an always-on lifestyle. We help unlock today’s most innovative digital tools to ensure your support is on the cutting-edge.


Operational Excellence

Goodbay has agents with superior product knowledge, education, and people skills on the other end of the line.

Talent Enablement

At Goodbay, our people come first. We hire critical thinkers and intelligent, empathetic problem solvers, and empower them to use common sense – not just process and protocol.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance and testing services are part of our service delivery offering. We perform alpha, beta, pre-production, and post-delivery QA on your customer-facing products and software.

We collect customer feedback across touchpoints, including the simplest statement embedded in an email or chat. We analyze surveys for comments and re-engage dissatisfied customers to probe deeper. We collate everything, summarize it into meaningful intelligence, and tell you the “so what.” But we don’t stop at capturing customer feedback. We believe that multi-dimensional reporting tells a narrative that’s more intelligent and more empowering to your business. We offer dedicated staff who are equally as excited about gadgets and gizmos as your customers are. And when they’re done learning about them, talking about them, and supporting customers to use them, our staff goes home to enjoy the very same products in their free time. This drives connections and understanding with the customer we serve for you. Our Product Lab has hundreds of devices used in everyday life: smartphone, tablet, Echo, Google Assistant, hub, Amazon Fire, and more. That’s so our team can recreate any customer scenario to ensure we resolve each issue the right way.
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