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Supporting the Consumer Products in the Digital Age

Goodbay has been at the forefront supporting your customers and products throughout the digital revolution. Partnering with Goodbay, you can expect to tap into:

  • Deep experience. We’ve partnered with diversified smart electronic, home automation, surveillance, and household electronics (tablets, laptops, TVs, and sound systems) leaders for close to two decades.
  • Retailers SLA expertise. We support products sold from all Big-Box retailers and meet all of their requirements: expanded hours of support, RMA management services, and CSAT levels. Our customers sell through giants like Wal-Mart, Target, CostCo and Amazon.
  • Consulting and best practices. We know what it takes to successfully navigate Black Friday, holiday support, production errors, recalls and returns. We work with you to improve your systems and customer satisfaction levels during these types of events.

As technology continues to evolve, Goodbay transforms ahead of the curve to ensure our staff are knowledgeable and our business processes are optimized for your shifting landscape.

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Technology changes…Fast!

The rate of innovation in the consumer electronics and IoT space is astounding. Few outsourced support partners are designed to pivot as rapidly as your business needs to succeed. Goodbay has agile systems in place, continual agent training, and scalable staffing to ensure we are flexible and nimble. We’re built for change.

Interconnected Eco-Systems

Goodbay takes pride in supporting the smart CE and IoT industry. Only a qualified outsourced provider recognizes that one must be experts in the entire industry landscape to have a successful support interaction. Our support ranges beyond your products and to the entire eco-system they live in.

We Overachieve on Retailer SLAs

Shelf space in a Big-Box retailer’s stores or online site is an asset in your world. We ensure that we deliver the support and stringent requirements that retailers like Target, Wal-Mart and CostCo demand. We’ll deliver dedicated support lines for store managers and CostCo Concierge.

We also actively moderate your review pages to ensure your products exceed a 4 star rating with Amazon and Bazaar Voice. We know what retailers require from their manufacturers and we excel at consistently providing those elements.

You may have a piece of your support puzzle that requires augmentation, or you may ask Goodbay to step in and support your entire end-to-end consumer and technical support department. We’re ready to show you what so many have selected Goodbay for the Job!

To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345.

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