Leveling Up the Player Experience Drives Huge Gains in Satisfaction

Case Study | Gaming

This Top 5 grossing mobile game startup experienced rapid and explosive growth. As downloads surpassed 100 million across 136 countries, the company knew it needed help with player support. After trying multiple outsourcing partners, the player experience still fell far below expectations and the publisher had to make a switch.

Goodbay’s immense experience with centralized, scalable, and high-touch player support is exactly what the publisher was looking for. By partnering with Goodbay, the publisher hoped to level up the player experience (PX) with “WOW” experiences across its player community.

In this case study, learn how we:

  • Drove a 40% improvement in Player Satisfaction.
  • Delivered a 300% growth in the customer support team.
  • Quickly cleared a large ticket backlog to increase productivity.
  • Set a CSAT benchmark 15 points higher than other suppliers.

To learn how you can improve the player experience (PX) and in-game performance, download now.