Championing a Steam Record Breaker

Case Study | Gaming

The first Steam game to host 1 million concurrent players for 365 consecutive days was an incredible online multiplayer battle royale developed and published by one of Asia’s top game studios.

The game’s global success on PC, Xbox, PS4 and Google Stadia depended on rapidly expanding and reaching players all over the world. The publisher needed scalable and versatile player support to meet a unique demand.

The company also required intelligent insights into player trends, community sentiment, and operational architecture to stay ahead of its competitors.

Goodbay assembled team members who were avid fans and already entrenched in the game to provide peer-to-peer player support.

In this case study, learn how we:

  • Achieved the highest Player Satisfaction scores ever recorded by the company.
  • Delivered analytics and reporting that drove support and game improvements.
  • Applied a "gamers supporting gamers" model across different gaming platforms.
  • Earned a "10+ out of 10" on Net Promoter Score (NPS) from the client.

To learn how an analytics-driven support strategy can allow everyone involved in the business to hear – and learn from – customer data gathered by frontline agents, download now.