Zinio Support Goes Digital and CSAT Jumps to 95%

Case Study | Digital Subscription Services

By becoming the world’s leading platform for international digital magazines, Zinio experienced immense popularity in a short period of time. As a result, both reader and subscriber bases expanded rapidly leading to scalability issues for customer support.

Customer support handled two distinctly different kinds of users, subscribers and publishers. The company supported these two groups from different locations, one for voice support and one for digital support. The in-house team lacked people-power, space, and budget to keep up with demand.

The company partnered with Goodbay to improve both voice and email support. We also evolved to a 100% digital support model and added pre-sales chat.

In this case study, learn how we:

  • Improved customer satisfaction (CSAT) from 80% to 95%.
  • Drove a 200% reduction in First Response Time (FRT).
  • Reduced agent headcount without sacrificing quality.

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