Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT)


A Customer Satisfaction Rating (or CSAT) is a marketing term often used to describe how well a company’s products and services meet customers’ expectations. These ratings are given on a 5-point scale ranging from “Very Dissatisfied” to “Very Satisfied”.

Customers are given a survey with a question like “How would you rate your experience with X?” or “How would you describe your overall satisfaction with Y?” and asked to respond with Very Unsatisfied / Unsatisfied / Neutral / Satisfied / Very Satisfied. These responses are then totaled for the number of Satisfied or Very Satisfied ratings given to determine a final score.

Here are some of the factors that contribute to customer responses:

  • Quality of your product or service
  • Ease of access to your product or service
  • Ease of access to your customer service department
  • Time from initial purchase to actual use of your product
  • Honest marketing
  • Sincere efforts toward customer retention

Pros: With CSAT, you have the option to ask your customers many different types of questions. This makes the CSAT a very versatile measurement of satisfaction which you can customize to fit your own product’s strengths and weaknesses.

Cons: Many people who don’t have a strong opinion on how satisfactory your product was will simply not complete the survey. This makes the CSAT a very inaccurate tool for measuring your customer’s future purchasing habits or the likelihood of repeat business.

At Goodbay, we believe that the true measure of Customer Satisfaction is much more than a simple score. While a CSAT is a great measure of short-term customer satisfaction, our goal is to building lasting relationships with every customer.

We do this by treating every individual question or problem as if it were our own. We combine this with superior product knowledge and sincere empathy for every customer. This allows us to meet every customer with the knowledge and skills to solve their problem as quickly as possible so they can get back to enjoying your product or service. Get in touch with us to learn more about our approach.