Return Merchandise Authorization

RMA Management and Processing

For any consumer electronics manufacturer, the dreaded words that represent a failure of a product or support are “RMA, returns, advanced exchanges, and warranty repair!” At Goodbay we prevent unnecessary returns via effective troubleshooting, customer education, and tech adoption. We take the challenge out of setting up technology-based products, eliminate frustration and ensure devices are working properly to prevent costly returns.

At the same time, if a product does need to be exchanged, we identify that quickly and process an RMA to get the customer a working product promptly. We ensure the process is speedy and that we proactively communicate with customers throughout the process. We even perform customer re-engagement when the replacement arrives – increasing satisfaction and brand advocacy.

Business Process Flowcharting

RMA’s, warranty repairs and services are a symphony of moving parts. It takes collaboration between support, accounting, logistics and shipping departments – often spanning multiple locations and software platforms. In other words, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Goodbay offers RMA Process re-organization services based on our years of experience and best practices.

Systems Integration

You’re likely using multiple software tools to manage your RMA workflow today. Goodbay has a team of in-house software developers to build the middleware, APIs, and integrations that your company needs to stay organized and efficient. Our developers create the tools needed to ensure your systems are talking to each other intelligently and seamlessly.

Cost Reductions and Return Auditing

A return is the single most expensive outcome of a technical support case. Costs to resolve and warranty repair services are typically more than 100% of the original sales price. Goodbay can offer Tier-3 RMA review, auditing and troubleshooting before costly shipping labels and products start moving. Additionally, we collaborate to ensure No-Defect Found (NDF) audits and testing are performed regularly and that all staff are coached according to the results.

“Our entire RMA processes is managed by Goodbay. They helped us to improve the speed of our product replacement by over 4 days and our customers love it. Well done Goodbay!”
Kammie Larkin
Director of Support, Element Electronics ~ Goodbay Client since 2018

Goodbay’s Operational Consulting and in-house software development teams are here to help inspect, augment and ultimately improve the results of your RMA operations and practices. We’ll save your customers time, build brand loyalty and ultimately save your department money.

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