Workforce Management Consulting

Empower Your Staff to Beat Any Challenge

Ensure your project is correctly staffed with the headcount, hours of coverage, and channels of support that you require. Don’t disappoint a customer with a delayed chat, email or call.

Goodbay keeps a deep bench of highly skilled staff that will help your department scale rapidly in response to planned and unexpected demands. We partner with you to predict and prepare for future spikes and to right-size your workforce.

Predictive Staff Assessments

Our on-boarding process includes a deep dive into your historic data. We assess what’s the best team size and hours of support for your organization – at the times you need it. We give you the flexibility to expand coverage beyond what your in-house team can deliver today.

Seasonality Scaling

Goodbay collaborates with your sales, marketing, and product development teams to prepare for any surges or seasonality. Don’t worry about escalations in demand around Black Friday, holiday seasons or critical product launches – we have you covered.

Support Channel Assessments

Phone, Live Chat, Email, Self-Support or Social Media are all tools you can leverage to support your customers. We create cost and benefit analysis with WFM modeling for each of these platforms to help decide where valuable agent time should be spent.

To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345.

Goodbay was able to quickly onboard and scale up to meet the demands of our growing player base. We were able to retain the high-quality level of support we had with our internal team, while scaling up our support abilities in a smarter and more cost-effective way to meet the demands of our player base.
Forrest Woolworth
COO, PerBlue Entertainment ~ Goodbay Client since 2016