Pre-Sales Support Outsourcing

Making Frontline Support a Profit Center 

An effective Pre-Sales Support strategy can guide your potential customers to the best products and services to suit their needs while driving revenue for you and reducing returns and buyer’s remorse.  At the same time it is very difficult to staff for this position.  Not all Pre-Sales teams meet revenue goals.  It is hard to get employees to work the night and weekend hours your customers are most actively shopping.   

Goodbay provides Pre-Sales support via phone and Live Chat channels prior to a sale where an agent engages with and listens to a prospective customer’s needs.  Goodbay staff can:

  1. Proactively make offers
  2. Upsell products
  3. Cross sell products
  4. Answer questions that may help over conversion rates.

We will reduce future customer support needs, and reduce costly returns.

Goodbay delivers Pre-Sales support as an extension of Post-Sale customer service team.  Our agents get specifically trained on your product/service and offers, and are coached and incentivized on guiding the customer through the sales cycle.   

Why Goodbay Excels in Pre-Sales Support? 

Experienced Sales Agents

We specifically identify, train and staff agents who have had sales or upselling experience to work on a pre-sales project.  Training matters, but in sales and upselling, experience matters the most.  We put the right people in the right seats during the hours your customers are shopping most.  You will earn more revenue with Goodbay! 

Intelligent Customer Engagement 

The best chance to secure revenue for your business is with proactive customer engagement during their purchasing process.  We consult with you to identify when, where and how to engage your customers during their digital shopping experience.  We will use Phone, Live Chat and Email to engage with your customers on their terms. 

Proactive Support

Goodbay offers proactive support and outreach, often before a product or service is received, helping to reduce buyer churn and product returns.  We enable customers to get the most useful information about your product or service, and get them ready to use or activate their item the moment they receive it.  Goodbay Clients that use our Pre-Sales support SAVE MONEY. 

Goodbay initially helped us drive a quality voice and email support department, but our needs evolved to making our support 100% digital.  We asked Goodbay to incorporate pre-sales chat, and they did with great success.  Greater than 75% of our pre-sale chat revenue is driven by Goodbay, which helps engage customers, getting them the correct product and reduce our overall support costs.  Well done Goodbay!
Sandra McNicol
Global Customer Service Director, Zinio Goodbay Client since 2012

Many Outsourced Service providers do not offer Pre-Sales support.  Goodbay can guide you to improve conversion rates, offer dynamic price and promotion matching over your competitors, and detail an abandoned cart re-engagement strategy.  

To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345