Quality Assurance Software & Product Testing

Build high-quality products & find problems before users do

Consistent and continuous improvement is a constant in today’s business world. As you update your products, software, and mobile technology you need to ensure it meets the expectations of your customers. Software and product flaws can cost you significant sums – both on the revenue and customer retention sides. Maintaining quality is essential.

At Goodbay Technologies, our quality assurance and testing services are part of our service delivery offering. We perform alpha, beta, pre-production, and post-delivery testing and QA on your customer-facing products and software. Goodbay adds an extra layer of review to ensure your consumers receive the quality products they demand.

Our QA Testing Solutions

Goodbay has expertise on a myriad of platforms, environments and operating systems (OS). We have firmware, UI and functionality to perform regression testing on your core products and apps. Our objective is to ensure everything is functioning properly with your latest and future releases. Our services include:

  • Game testing
  • Functional product testing
  • Regression testing
  • Network and geo testing

We can replicate the user experience in numerous platforms and geographies (using our unique VPN connections) – something that you might not be able to simulate in your own office

Goodbay also thoroughly tests each of the products we support – from out-of-the-box setups to regular daily use. Our Product Lab allows us to identify any potential issues associated with process, design, and functionality. Glitches are rapidly flagged, reviewed, and included in our updates. To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 866-766-4404.

Goodbay was instrumental in the Quality Assurance Testing of our new customer platform. For more than 6 months throughout the development lifecycle of our worldwide platform change, Goodbay tested thousands of pages and functions across all PC and Mobile environments ensuring a wildly successful launch!
Sandra McNicol
Global Customer Service Director, Zinio Goodbay Client since 2012