Multilingual Support From
Goodbay Technologies

Multilingual Support From Goodbay Technologies

Multilingual Support

For a global business, having customer service offered in customers’ native languages is essential to success. When people call you and can talk to a native speaker, they will learn to trust your business. Goodbay Technologies offers multilingual support by native language experts to ensure you are reaching your full customer base in the language they understand. This scalable service ensures you are not losing customers due to language barriers. Get the help of native linguists to ensure your customer service points are effectively reaching all cultural and language groups with help from Goodbay Technologies.

Translation Software + Native Speakers

Goodbay is a pioneer in the agent aided translation software support space.  For this solution, we deploy a mix of English speaking agents and non-English native speaking agents at our support centers to handle a high volume of support tickets as efficiently as possible.  This enables our client to deliver global support with the leanest team possible of native speaking agents.

In this instance we use a front line team of English speaking translation software experts to read tickets in various languages and they respond to tickets leveraging perfectly pre-translated macros and templates to answer to high volume questions that are standardized and repetitive in nature.  This can also be done with customization to add the human touch. When implemented properly using Goodbay’s proprietary method, clients have found up to a 90% reduction in native language experts required to handle non-English language tickets. Clients also receive faster response times, ease of scale, standardization in replied which lends to analytics and the exact same CSAT as native speaker responses.

Translation Services

Is your message getting lost in translation? This may be because you are not working with native speakers for your translation needs. Goodbay Technologies can help.

Translate your customer support messages, including email and phone messages, into your target languages with the help of our native language experts. Let our team ensure the message’s intent, style, tone and context are properly conveyed to your target audience, even if their native language is different than yours.

Culturalization Services

Simply translating your message word-for-word is not sufficient. When you need to reach a different cultural group, you must ensure that you understand the values, social behavior and social norms of your target audience. The Goodbay Technologies linguistics experts can help. Because they are native speakers, they understand not only the language, but also the culture, of your global audience. Partner with them to ensure that your message is properly portrayed across cultures.

Grow and Support Your Global Audience

Whether answering a phone call, engaging in a live chat or responding to an email, understanding language and culture is critical to supporting the customer service you desire to give to your audience. With the help of our multilingual support, you can be confident that those answers are delivered by someone who truly understands the audience. Contact Goodbay Technologies today to learn more about our multilingual support services and how they can help you deliver a global message that supports your brand.