Level 1-3 Technical Support Outsourcing

Tiered Technical Support with Scalability

We group technical support into three tiers:

  • Level 1: high-volume, low complexity inquires
  • Level 2: issues that require a skillful agent, advanced software tools and training to resolve
  • Level 3: complex support that requires a product engineer or highly experienced agents

Level 3 issues are so complex and can be so impactful to your business that you want them handled by the best staff and not lost in the noise of all the Level 1 callers.

It is very difficult to find an outsourced technical support center that is willing to provide all levels of service. Goodbay commits to putting staff first, retaining that top talent for years – and we continue to invest in ongoing education. Goodbay thrives on this challenge and we offer Level 1 through 3 technical support for many of our clients.

Level 1 Support – With an Eye on Reducing Costs

Goodbay knows Level 1 support can be demanding, high-volume work – and we’re always looking for ways to reduce your volume and costs. Our consulting services can work with you to trim the number of calls by up to 30%. Investing in self-help platforms can go a long way to reduce expenses and we are experts at creating effective tools to do that.

Level 2 Support – Tackling Complex Cases

Our Level 2 support staff are where you really see the difference. Our team connects with your customers over phone, email, and live chat to address complicated issues. Level two support agents don’t use scripts. It takes a critical thinker, a problem-solver and an effective communicator to help resolve needs at this level.

Level 3 Support – Problem Solving at Its Best

Your product liaisons or engineers are likely the ones burdened with your Level 3 customer support today. But this is the not always best use of their expertise. Goodbay will commit to the extensive training and exposure of our top staff to ensure they can ultimately take your L3 contacts. We free your most knowledgeable staff to provide other value-added activities in your business. As always, we communicate with your engineering teams to alert your team of production or design issues, just as you’d expect from your own in-house team.

“As an integrated Smart Home products provider, I’ve found Goodbay to be outstanding in their support. It is impossible to support ONLY the products we sell, rather Goodbay needs to support the complete in-home Ecosystem, and their highly skilled agents are experts no matter what product our customers are calling about!”
Heidi Pace
Director of Support, Smart Labs ~ Goodbay Client since 2017

In addition to supporting your customers directly, Goodbay has the skillset and experience to support your partners as well. If you have dealers, installers or service professionals supporting your customers we can offer them direct Level 3 support to do their jobs.

To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345.