Customer Education

Guiding Your Customers towards Success

Our intelligent support agents’ mission is to make your new customers feel welcomed and confident in using your products. We help educate them on how to use your devices and software and to get the most out of their features.

We call these “customer education” calls. This includes walking callers through out-of-box setup, reviewing how to use the device, and helping make it work alongside other products in their household.

The Top 5% of Recruits

Goodbay has agents with superior product knowledge, education, and people skills on the other end of the line. We recruit the best staff for your technical support: only the top 5% of candidates typically make the cut during our rigorous interview process.

Versatile Agents

We connect to your customers in all channels: phone, email, chat, social media and product review pages. And we ensure our agents are well versed in all the systems that integrate with your product: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wav and countless other communication protocols.

Self-Help Content Creation

FAQs and Quick Start guides are often overlooked assets when it comes to offering support. Goodbay is altogether different from our competition because we author and curate most of our clients’ self-help materials. We recognize the best support experience is when a customer doesn’t need to talk to anyone at all! Through official websites, user forums, social media, and product pages, we actively update articles, how-to-guides, videos and more to ensure your Self-Help is comprehensive and up to date.

Hands-On Use

If there’s one thing that can make a technical support agent empathetic and efficient, it’s hands-on, real-world use of your products. We ensure they have that. Goodbay has an onsite Product Lab with all the devices and software we support, and all the various smart speakers, phones and tablets that connect to them. We also give our teams your products to take home to ensure they are daily users – which of course makes it easier for them to offer in-depth support.

“(Goodbay’s) … analysis and suggestions helped us broaden our self-help content, which reduce our calls by 20% in the first year of working with Goodbay.”
Kammie Larkin
Director of Support, Element Electronics ~ Goodbay Client since 2018

Goodbay goes beyond troubleshooting. We focus on reducing the number of technical support calls, educating customers to help themselves and saving you money. We look forward to augmenting your technical support.

To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345.