Connectivity Support Outsourcing

Harnessing the “Smart” in Smart Devices

Connectivity Support is a rapidly growing need for many devices and app-first manufacturers. “Smart” devices integrate with many platforms and your customers’ smartphones. However, this world of connectivity and interconnectivity has created a real problem for most technical support teams. Your average outsourced provider does not have the staff, training or experience to support a complex web of devices.

At Goodbay, customer support doesn’t stop with your product.

We troubleshoot the systems that connect to it. This includes ISP, Wifi, routers, modems, apps, APIs, Cloud Servers and hardware. For the last two decades we’ve worked with digitally disruptive consumer electronics, smart home, security, and leading IoT companies and we understand that it’s critical your product performs optimally within your customer’s technology ecosystem.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Goodbay was built on a very simple premise: deliver world-class customer service and technical support that makes customers brand advocates – even if that doesn’t make us the lowest cost provider. Our philosophy is to help your customers until they are thrilled (irrespective of which product in the tech web is causing the trouble). This drives customer loyalty to your brand in both the long and short run.

Trusted Support Ready On Day 1

We love this stuff. Goodbay enjoys supporting new devices, operating systems, apps, and peripherals so much that we built a company around it! We have hundreds of dedicated staff who are equally as excited about all the gadgets and gizmos out there. And when they’re done learning about them, talking about them, and supporting customers to use them, our staff goes home to enjoy the very same products in their free time. This drives connections and understanding with the customer we serve for you.

Hands-On Education

We invest strongly in our staff, their knowledge, and the products available for them to experience. In our Product Lab, we have hundreds of devices that are used in everyday life: smartphones, tablets, Echos, Google Assistants, hubs, and Amazon Fire devices. No matter what the scenario is that your customer is calling about, our team can recreate that exact web of devices to ensure we resolve the issue.To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345.

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Reduced First Call Response Time by 35% for abode System Customers