CRM Consulting

Get the most from your CRM tools

The platforms adopted by your Customer Support departments are a critical ingredient in an agent’s success and an efficient customer support experience.

Goodbay has expertise in optimizing the most common CRM software tools such as ZenDesk, Helpshift, Salesforce, and Oracle. We can even administer your CRM systems to ensure an effective and streamlined support experience.

Business Process Improvement

Goodbay has extensive expertise with key CRM platforms. Our professionals will analyze your workflows to formulate new business processes and to deliver a higher level of efficiency. We have worked with partners to trim up to 70% off their Full Resolution support times.

CRM Optimization

Most businesses select a CRM software and stick with it for many years. Understandably so – it’s a major investment to change platforms. However, many of these systems were created long ago and are not always the best for your business today. Goodbay can bring you back up to speed. We regularly re-evaluate your automation platforms; agent used FAQs; and CRM reporting to ensure they are driving savings and efficiencies.

Self Help and Customer Education

Goodbay believes the best support a business can give its customers is the ability to help themselves. CRM tools provide robust self-help portals – but these are often under-developed or under-utilized. Our holistic approach ensures that we support the content available to your customers on self-help portals. Reducing costs is our shared goal and we’ll do the heavy lifting to make that a reality.

Goodbay helped us to re-imagine our Player Support Department. They offered consulting and best practices from the mobile gaming industry that enabled Playspace to give our players the support that gets them to stay, play and pay our exciting games!
Alfonso Villar
Playspace S.L.