Inbound Customer Support

The Foundation of Your Support Department

Strong inbound customer support is the foundation of your company’s brand.  We offer the three main channels of Inbound:  Phone support, Live chat support and Inbound Email Support.   

If your Customer Support team is spending much of their time on Phone or Live Chat Support, someone has to be there to answer it.  However many support departments have high staff turnover or are outgrowing their physical space and current budget.  Goodbay will ensure we have the right agent staffing in place to ensure that Service Levels are met and calls or chats are answered quickly and within your budget. 

Maybe you are looking for an upgrade in your quality too?  Goodbay actively manages a support time for you focusing on CSAT scores, First Contact Resolution Rate (FCRR), and all other successful support metrics.  We act as a collaborative partner servicing your direct support needs as well as the overall strategy and evolution of your support department.  We have a guarantee that your CSAT will improve with Goodbay.  

Why Consider Goodbay For Your Inbound Support Needs? 

A Rock Solid Foundation of Success

For close to 20 years Goodbay has provided Inbound Call Center Support to some of the most recognizable brands in the world.  Whether it is large consumer electronics companies in Big Box retailers, or mobile app or mobile gaming companies, or media and entertainment companies, we work some of the leading companies in the world.  They trust us, and we think you can too. 

Scalability and Flexibility to Deliver

Life in an inbound call center is unpredictable.  Unexpected call spikes happen.  Goodbay maintains a surplus staff and dynamic staffing mindset to rise to any occasion.  Our infrastructure enables us to react in minutes, not days or weeks, and ultimately keeps the customer experience high.

Omni-Channel Approach

We have highly trained and skilled staff that are dynamically to shift to support Inbound and Outbound Calls, Live Chat, Email/Ticketing, and Social Media channels.  The same team will handle all channels, with no need for your involvement in time-consuming performance management, training or Quality Assurance.

Smart Partner at the Table

Your Inbound Call Support is a barometer of success for your entire organization.  We offer direct support delivery, but we also give you access to harness the data and insights available from our contact center.  We collect the data, insights and customer feedback and share that information strategically so that you can drive actionable improvement to your company and product/service 

In addition to providing polite and well-spoken and technically knowledgeable staff, you have been able to improve the ideal service levels by answering 98% of all customer inquiries within the first call.
Gareth Evans
CEO of iSentry, a division of Wolters Kluwers

Outsourced Customer Support should NOT be a commodity

Goodbay delivers a skillful team, organized in the right way, with the right training and ongoing management.  Goodbay specializes in serving digitally disruptive global companies and consistently drives CSAT, FCRR, lower AHT and other key metrics for clients.  Ask our clients – they will tell you that their partnership with Goodbay has resulted in high quality and efficient support calls, which keeps their brand strong in this digitally vocal world.  

To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345