Work From Home Customer Support

Work from Home Support (WFH)

Agility, Scalability & Flexibility 

Goodbay’s Work From Home (WFH) staffing model meets the needs of a rapidly changing customer support landscape.  Combined with our state-of-the-art hub in Bangalore India, our WFH solutions are available to meet your needs.

For most firms, WFH outsourcing is difficult to execute due to the decentralized nature of the business model.  The hub and spoke model of WFH service delivery strikes the balance between quality support and flexible staffing options.

We can recruit and train team members virtually or through our office locations.  They are matched to ensure they embody the Goodbay Core Values.  Employees always feel that they are part of the team, sharing a passion for the clients and customers they support.  WFH team members also participate in our social responsibility and local community programs.  Our WFH agents are not ‘virtual’ staff – they are teammates, co-workers, and friends that are enabled to contribute remotely when the time calls for it.

Tap Into top Talent

Goodbay hires for talent and trains for skill.  Offering remote working solutions means we can search for top talent that otherwise would be unable to join your support team. 

Flexible Staffing

We have flexible, responsive WFH teams dedicated to customer support. We rapidly activate these in response to natural disasters, business disruptions, and other unexpected challenges.  Leveraging this type of capability means that you can continue to service your customers with a remote workforce during troubling times – a factor that is critical for your success.

Security Assured

Your data and your customer’s security are top priorities for Goodbay.  We deploy a wide variety of software tools and connectivity methods to ensure that WFH staff operate under the same enterprise security standards as all in-office staff.

We were very pleased with Goodbay’s ability to transition to a remote work environment so quickly. However, it’s been even more impressive to see how they’ve been able to maintain team member morale AND a high level of customer satisfaction with a 100% remote team. Well done!
Laura Edgar, Technical Support Lead

Goodbay has the staffing model and support team that is right for you. To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345.

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