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Support Where Your Customers Demand 

We Infuse Innovation into Customer Support

Customer expectations have changed as dramatically as the digital landscape itself.  Customers live an always-on lifestyle so they expect to connect with a company anytime, anywhere, in their channel of choice. Goodbay offers a true omnichannel support ecosystem, enabling your customers to seamlessly move between channels on their terms.  Omnichannel delivery is complex – it requires a digital toolkit and applied experience to execute well. Spanning email, chat, app, social, forum, reviews and phone, the dedicated Goodbay support staff dynamically engages your customers with no boundaries, digital or physical.  We give you a leg up on the competition by meeting customers where they are, when they need it most. 

Superior Omnichannel Solutions 

Flexible Agents 

Our staff supports your customers via phone, email, chat, in-app, social media and product review pages.  Agents are tenured so they comfortably toggle among voice and non-voice channels, offering a seamless experience that boosts CSAT and reduces support costs.  

Social Media Management

Poor support experience can spread like wildfire.  That’s why we provide strategy, staffing and tools to ensure your influencers sway public opinion in your favor.  We manage and navigate your online channels to ensure your brand stays an industry leader.  

Data Aggregation from All Channels

With Goodbay you’ll always collect key customer information and insights, regardless of support type.  Data-driven intelligence empowers smarter customer treatment and process decisions.  We aggregate all information available, and our executive leadership shares it in a comprehensive and concise way that guides your overall strategic decision making. 

Goodbay helped us drive a top-notch customer support center, with 90% First Call Resolution Rates, which led to low product returns and an overall superior customer experience. Goodbay touches our customers by phone, chat and email, and they have the right mix of staff to help us keep return rates low, which is a competitive advantage for our business
Murali Sharma
COO of Kuna Systems. Goodbay Client since 2017

Let Us Manage Your Digital Footprint

No other outsourced partner can match our reach across inbound and outbound support.  We extend your reach with proven experience in the full range of voice and non-voice channels.

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