Omni-Channel Support

Providing Support when and WHERE your Customers demand 

Your customers’ support expectations have changed as dramatically as the consumer and digital landscape itself.  Customers live an online, always-on lifestyle and their expectations are to connect with a company anytime, on their terms, in their channel of choice.  A benefit of outsourcing to Goodbay is that we help you unlock all the current tools and software available to keep your support on the cutting-edge. 

Goodbay can implement a true Omni-channel support system, and customers quickly appreciate an experience that enables them to seamlessly switch between multiple communications channels as needed.  We ensure that support interactions over email can continue on the phone or Chat.  Goodbay helps your customers share their positive experience on social media and product review pages.  We will give you a leg up on the competition because we meet customers where they are and deliver a higher quality of support overall. 

Multi-channel support delivery can be complex and require the digital toolkit and experience to execute well.  Leveraging Phone, Live Chat, Email/Ticketing, Social Media, Community Forum and Product Review Pages, your dedicated support staff at Goodbay will dynamically engage your customers, with no boundaries, digital or physical.   

Goodbay’s Omni-Channel Solutions are superior to other options because we approach it differently: 

Flexible Agents 

Our staff supports your customers via the phone, email, chat, social media or product review pages.  They are tenured agents, years’ experience, and are able to comfortably toggle between voice and non-voice support across different channels.  Your customer never needs to be transferred to a different person.  This seamless experience raises Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores and reduces your overall support costs.  

Social Media Management

Poor support experience can spread like wildfire via social apps and forums.  We provide the strategy, staffing and tools to ensure influencers are swaying public opinion in your favor!  We manage and navigate your brand to be an industry leader in terms of customer satisfaction via social influence.  Most other outsource providers charge extra for Social Media specialists.  At Goodbay this is a part of every service we offer, at the same budget-friendly cost. 

Data Aggregation from All Channels

Goodbay can ensure you are collecting key information and insights about your customers regardless of the support platform.  Insights from this data can help make smarter policy and service decisions.  Goodbay aggregates all the information available, and our executive leadership shares it in a comprehensive and concise way that guides your overall strategic decision-making. 

Goodbay helped us drive a top-notch customer support center, with 90% First Call Resolution Rates, which led to low product returns and an overall superior customer experience. Goodbay touches our customers by phone, chat and email, and they have the right mix of staff to help us keep return rates low, which is a competitive advantage for our business
Murali Sharma
COO of Kuna Systems. Goodbay Client since 2017

Goodbay will actively manage your company’s current digital and social footprint

No other Outsourced provider can match our reach across inbound and outbound phone support, Live Chat, Email, Facebook, Twitter, App Store support channels.  We extend your reach to Reddit and Social Forums in addition to Retailer Product Review Pages.   

To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345.