Multilingual Support Outsourcing

Goodbay’s Clients are Global Companies, with a Global Customer Base

As a result, they need a variety of languages supported beyond English. Goodbay provides these diverse languages from our centers in Chicago and Bangalore. 

Multi-Language Support Outsourcing is difficult to find and deliver. Most Outsourced support businesses deliver a large array of languages, but often require large team sizes, high costs, and a decentralization of staff to provide these languages to your customers. These complexities hurt your reputation, budget, or quality of support. 

Goodbay offers Phone, Email and Chat support in a variety of languages that can suit you and your customers’ needs. Scalability of this support is equally as expensive with in-house staff as you work to penetrate new markets. We offer unique, flexible and scalable solutions to each of our clients to deliver support in the language, channels and hours required to ensure your support is as robust as your products.  

Multilingual Support

Native Language Agents

Our dedicated non-English language support reps are native language speakers. This means with English as their second language, they are able to provide the proficiency and cultural alignment to create a positive support experience for your customers. We have provided coverage in all the major European Languages, Asian languages, and can fulfill any specific requests such as Russian, or Portuguese, and so on.

Multi – Channel Proficiency 

Goodbay’s multi-lingual staff are skilled to support your customers in a variety of ways. Phone, Email and Chat-based support are the different methods Goodbay uses to reach out to your diverse customer base.

Centralized Team

Goodbay goes the extra mile to find languages specialists who sit right alongside your English support team. We ensure the same uniform Training, Quality Assurance, and Performance management for all staff. Your CSAT will not suffer from a remote or work-from home specialist that isn’t given the right tools to succeed.

After working with Goodbay, we knew we found a long-term partner that adds value to our company. Goodbay takes care of our English language support as well as our European Language support needs, delivering peace of mind that our customers will get the high quality results we are expecting.
Markus Gehrmann
SVP Operations, Fyber GmbH. Goodbay Client since 2014

Goodbay is excited to help scale your global brand with a down to Earth approach. With support ranging from English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and more we want to support your customers. 

To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345.