User Generated Content (UGC) Moderation

User Generated Content is a powerful component in many companies’ brands. It can take on several forms: Q&A forums in your FAQ pages, videos, photos, avatars, screen names and much more. UGC can drive engagement, SEO and revenue. You can also reduce costs by allowing users to support each other.

Reduce your risk and build excitement

On the downside – UGC can also expose you to risks when it comes to intellectual property, privacy, harassment, false statements, and all kinds of legislation. Goodbay moderates images, typed content, peer to peer chat, and more to keep bad actors out of your community and to reduce exposure. We help develop a customer community that is a safe a safe and respectful place for everyone to interact.

Intelligent Moderation 

Goodbay knows that User Generated Content presents a challenging balancing act for most businesses. Unethical or inappropriate content that is not immediately identified, moderated and mitigated can become a liability both financially and for your brand. Goodbay has highly skilled staff who take the time to appreciate the context, content and intended use of UGC to make intelligent moderation decisions. 

Common UGC Elements managed by Goodbay 

Goodbay leverages your organizations’ strategy, values, beliefs and style-guides to develop moderation that works for your business.  We work across diverse channels to ensure you have a unified approach on platforms including: 

  • In-Game Chat: Peer to peer chats, global discussion posts, and team-based chats 
  • Influencer Community Forums: Official FAQ and self-help pages, Reddit sub-pages, discord and in-game video communities. 

DMCA and Intellectual Property Protection 

Unintended violations of trademark and IP infringement due to the content a user has posted on your sites can be particularly worrisome – and costly.  Goodbay is on the look-out for this all the time to ensure your exposure is reduced. 

We understand that giving players the ability to build their own universe and contribute is part of the excitement. Your brand is stronger and your community will be more loyal when you embrace UGC. We ensure your business gets all the benefits of a powerful community!

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