Social Media Moderation

Social media moderation goes beyond simply viewing your company’s Facebook page and replying to an occasional upset user. True social media moderation involves intelligent strategies that identify influential users, respond to rapid alerts, and act to negate negative content impacts. And ideally, this takes place across your entire ecosystem of social media channels.

Customer Support in Social

More and more – customers are looking for support via social media outlets. They recognized that their comments are public and are likely to get a faster response. Social media moderation requires a higher level of support since your replies are public – and – they stay that way.

Moreover, customers who use these channels tend to broadcast the outcome of any resolutions so it’s a critical channel to get right! Our agents are highly skilled – and know when to keep a conversation on the forum – and when to take it behind the scenes.

We manage across platforms

Goodbay has deep experience working across all the big players in social media – and we will manage the feeds that are most important for your brand.

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We actively contribute to your Social Community

Our larger Social community management efforts offer offensive content moderation, real life threat protection, scam and competitor advertising management and more – all to better protect everything you’ve already worked so hard to build.

Additionally, we collaborate with your team to be active positive contributors to your social outlets. We continually provide new content, threads, posts and polls to help keep your social community engaged across your various outlets

The Goodbay difference is that we don’t simply mitigate the negative contents on your social outlets, we actively moderate them. We’ll contribute to and start new threads in community forums. We’ll work with your marketing department to put product teasers out there to build excitement. We’re active members of your social community!

To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345.

Goodbay helps to support our customers no matter what Social Media / Shopping Platform they use. Beyond Segway’s official channels of support, Goodbay handles our support Twitter account, and Amazon Product questions and reviews too!
Michael Trinh, After Sales Support Manager