Content Moderation

Let’s create the most rewarding, engaging community your customers have ever seen – together

If you really want to take customers and turn them into repeat, loyal advocates who spread the word about your brand far and wide, you need to give them something worth getting engaged in. That means a community in every sense of the term, and one that is ready to offer all the support, the insight and the expertise across all of the channels that someone may be using, no matter what.

At Goodbay Technologies, our community management and social support services have been built from the ground up to do precisely that. From sophisticated content moderation to advanced social media techniques to larger community management efforts, we don’t just want to help you connect with your audience. We want to make sure that every day, that connection is a little bit stronger than it was the day before in meaningful and organic ways.

Our Community Management Services

Ultimately, community management is all about keeping your customers happy and engaged and at Goodbay Technologies, we accomplish this in a couple of different ways:

  • First, we sit down and come up with the right communication strategy that falls in line with not only what you’re trying to accomplish as a business, but what your users actually want to see from you.
  • We offer content moderation and crowd control in an attempt to make sure that the online discussion is always focused and moving forward.
  • Our social media management services allow you to leverage the best that sites like Facebook and Twitter have to offer, with as few of the potential downsides as possible.
  • You community may be most vocal on your App Store reviews, or Product Review pages at your retail partners. We engage with your customers there too.
  • Social forums like Reddit and embedded communities like Discord are also popular channels for your customers to share their experiences. Are you moderating their discussions there? At Goodbay we can do that for you.
  • Our larger community management efforts offer offensive content moderation, real life threat protection, scam and competitor advertising management and more – all to better protect everything you’ve already worked so hard to build.

If you’d like to find out more information about our holistic approach to community management, or if you have any additional questions that you’d like to see answered, please don’t delay – contact Goodbay Technologies today.