Client Consulting

Delivering Best Practices and Guidance

Goodbay empowers your business to continually improve and re-imagine your support strategies. We deliver reports and data-driven recommendations on how to reduce incoming calls or email tickets, and to drive user engagement. We also analyze product features to see what is liked or disliked by your user community.

Leverage our decades of experience

Our Data-Driven insights reflect our philosophy for customer support. We see every call, chat, and email with your customers as an opportunity to collect information, feedback, and suggestions. We aggregate data from all channels and convert that into actionable information to drive your business strategies.

Granular Data

Goodbay doesn’t just provide standard CSAT scores. We measure customer satisfaction across diverse channels of support and across multiple customer variables like location, life-time value, and social influence status. We believe that multi-dimensional reporting of KPIs tell a different narrative; one that’s more intelligent and more empowering to your business improvement decisions.

Customer Sentiment

Customers have many ways to provide opinions on their overall satisfaction. Goodbay collects customer feedback at all touchpoints, even when it’s a simple statement embedded in an email or chat. We analyze your satisfaction surveys for comments and insights, even going so far as to re-engage with your dissatisfied customers to probe deeper. We collate it, report it, and tell you the “so what.”

Best Practices

Goodbay constantly tests and explores new methods of support with your industry peers. There are new tools and technology introduced to the market every day that will yield substantial cost savings or efficiencies to your business. We’re an independent and highly knowledgeable advisor that will offer ideas and suggestions to improve your customer support methodology.

To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345.