The Common Misconceptions About Outsourcing: Getting to the Facts

According to one recent study, the global market size of outsourced services across all industries is currently sitting at somewhere in the neighborhood of $85.6 billion. That’s a massive amount of money for something that is, within the context of the fast-paced evolution of modern technology, still a relatively “young” concept.

Organizations of all types are turning to outsourcing for just about everything – from cutting costs to optimizing their infrastructure and beyond. But at the same time, there are still a lot of misconceptions out there about how it all actually works – especially as far as smaller organizations are concerned.

Chiefly, the most important thing to understand is outsourcing probably works exactly the way you think it does – but what is actually going on behind the scenes probably doesn’t resemble what you may be picturing. In fact, by clearing up a number of the most common misconceptions about outsourcing, you’ll probably realize that it’s a lot more viable of an option for your business than you may have originally thought.  Also that it is an option best suited to vibrant, growing or digitally disruptive firm, not the huge old-hat insurance companies and telecoms of the world!

“If I Outsource, I’ll Lose Total Control and Visibility Over My Infrastructure”

Maybe the most common misconception about outsourcing is also, from many points of view, among the most unfounded. A lot of people assume that by handing over access to their infrastructure to a third party, they will no longer be “in the loop” about what is going on and why things are happening. Luckily, this is far from the truth.

Outsourcing simply means you are getting some level of technical support from an outside source. Outsourcing companies will still provide you with the best solutions possible, all falling within the confines of your requirements and the various, specific needs you present.

The fact is, the best outsourcing companies will fully embrace both your technology and your existing business processes. You will still “own” every last kilobyte of data on your servers, along with the processes used to deliver support.

In many ways, this will only enable you to further enhance your data and visibility, all while maintaining complete control over the support functions.

If the outsourced provider forces you to leverage THEIR tools and THEIR CRM solutions, on the other hand, they are not truly collaborative partners meeting you on your own terms. This doesn’t mean that outsourcing is bad – this just means that this particular partner is not right for you.

Although you won’t be controlling the workers yourself, you will ALWAYS have the ability to communicate with them and check on the progress of your outsourcing company.

In short, you will always be in control. You’re not being “replaced” by an outsourcing team, you’re being supported by them. You will still have the right to select your staff and the team representing your business. If you are not given these rights unconditionally, all it means is that you need to select a different outsourcing partner.

“The Quality of Work Will Never Be as High as What I Can Do Myself”


This is another common misconception that, thankfully, doesn’t have any basis in reality.

The team working for your business by way of an outsourcing provider only has one goal in mind: to deliver you the best results possible, no exceptions. This can even happen without your involvement depending on the situation.

Just as you might “outsource” some of your accounting services or legal functions in order to receive a level of expertise that you yourself do not possess, your customer support functions are absolutely no different. In fact, for many people, their results will IMPROVE by selecting a partner that specializes in this one critical business function.

“Outsourcing Not Only Costs More, But Takes More Time to Achieve the Same Results”

cost-moreIf people aren’t worried about losing control, the “time” and “money” factors are usually among their top other concerns. Again – these should not be concerns provided you’ve selected the right partner in the first place.

With regards to cost, outsourcing is actually a viable way to eliminate a lot of the overhead and operating costs you’re currently dealing with. In the vast majority of all situations, it will actually work out to be LESS expensive than maintaining your own in-house processes.

With outsourcing, not only are you eliminating administrative costs and HR expenses, but also overtime and holiday/weekend support costs, too. Everything is handled by way of one fixed, competitive monthly fee that is set based on your needs and budget.

You also have to consider that working in-house may actually run up extra costs due to issues like a lack of resources, infrastructure or even workforce. With outsourcing companies, on the other hand, all of these things are already accounted for. This not only helps to achieve better results, but significantly reduces the amount of time normally required to get to that point.

On the subject of the time factor, when you outsource you are enlisting the help of a specialized team of people who are singularly focused on improving your company’s productivity. If you were to do all of this work yourself, that would be time that you wouldn’t be able to spend focused elsewhere within your enterprise. That would ultimately reduce your ability to accomplish critical business activities and achieve better outcomes, not help it.

“If I Outsource, My Security and Privacy Will Be Lost”

This is a totally understandable concern, but again – it isn’t based in any type of fact with regards to how things actually work when you outsource.

Never forget that a client’s security is always one of the top priorities for any outsourcing company. These organizations NEED to develop trust between themselves and their clients – their entire business model depends on it.

They use the data they are given, for example, exclusively to help their clients and they will always act with your best interests in mind.


Many leading companies even have incredibly strict guidelines and procedures built to guarantee data privacy. In truth, a lot of the competition among outsourcing companies is based on this very idea.

Any reputable outsourcing partner, for example, will follow both GDPR and PCI Compliance policies. That alone may very well be a higher level of security and compliance than you are running internally. Do you have a mobile phone in your office, for example, or do your staff members? If so, you’re already not as secure as a reputable PCI compliant outsourcing company like Goodbay Technologies.

“Outsourcing is Only Good for Big Businesses. I’m Just Too Small”

Finally, one of the major mistakes that a lot of businesses make involves assuming that they are just “too small” to take advantage of everything that an outsourcing partner provides. In fact, outsourcing is totally viable for ALL businesses, regardless of their size or the number of users they’re working with.

As a matter of fact, in today’s economy most outsourcing relationships have a small business at heart. Fortune 500 companies began embracing this trend as a way to save money, yes – but that was going on two decades ago. In the present, it’s the small businesses who realize the value, the agility and the other major advantages that only an outsourcing provider offers.

Think about it like this: you’re already small and nimble, so staying that way should always be one of your goals. You need to be the best at what makes you profitable, special and unique – everything else is just a distraction. Instead of allowing those things to be YOUR distraction, you can make them someone else’s – which is ultimately what outsourcing is all about.

Any viable company in this field will always tailor their approach and their solutions to your business and its objectives. Their goal is always to improve your company regardless of scale.

At that point, all you have to do is let them. Everything else will naturally fall into place because that’s exactly how the system was designed to work.

Goodbay Technologies: Your Outsourcing Partner in Every Sense of the Term

At Goodbay Technologies, we totally understand a lot of the concerns (or even fears) that you might have when it comes to switching to an outsourced model. Misconceptions like those listed above may not have any basis in fact, but that doesn’t make the issues at the heart of them any less legitimate.

This is why we’ve always made it a point of pride to become more than just another services provider to our customers. We want to come in and act as an organic extension of your business in every way that we can. We don’t want to replace your people or your processes – we want to support and empower them. All of this is in service of the most important goal of all: giving you an opportunity to do better work for your own customers every single day.

If you’d like to find out more information about some of the most common misconceptions about outsourcing, or if you’d just like to discuss your own needs and goals in a bit more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact Goodbay Technologies today.