What Your Brand Needs to Know About Social Media Support and Moderation

One of the most important things for you to understand about running a business in the modern era is that your relationship with your customers is more active than ever before. People no longer have passive connections with brands. Thanks to the fact that most adults own a smartphone, people aren’t just reaching out with comments and concerns more than ever – they’re doing so in more intimate ways thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The major thing that separates this from customer support interactions you may have had in the past has to do with the fact that a collective of literally billions of people around the world didn’t have the opportunity to listen in on a call between a customer and one of your support agents. On social media, the world is watching and rest assured – they do not forget.

If you don’t have the infrastructure to manage these interactions, you’re not only doing your customers a disservice – you’re potentially causing long-term harm to your brand, too. These are just a few of the reasons why social media support and moderation efforts should quickly become top priorities for your business moving forward.

Social Media as a Channel of Support

One of the major benefits of finding an intelligent customer support outsourcing company to handle social media support and moderation has to do with the way modern day customers interact with your brand in the first place.

Today’s customer is savvier than ever and they have proven themselves more than willing to bypass traditional methods like phone, email and even live chat support in favor of Facebook, Twitter and even your own forums. This is because they know they can get a faster response or resolution than ever.

The potential issue with this is that customers are now essentially airing their grievances in public. If they have something positive to say, the whole world will see it. If they have something negative to say, the whole world will see that, too.

They’re essentially challenging you to solve their problem with the highest levels of priority and you’d better believe that potential customers are paying attention to see what you do next.

The right support outsourcing company, on the other hand, will actively engage customer posts in public on Facebook, Twitter and similar sites to make sure people feel like they’re being heard. This frees up your valuable time so that you can focus on other initiatives within your business, all while making sure that customer inquiries are handled as quickly and as effectively as possible.

At Goodbay Technologies, for example, we always make it a priority to move these social media interactions into your CRM for ongoing tracking and analysis. Not only will this lead to better resolutions for tickets, but we also encourage customers to leave positive posts as well – thus helping to eliminate the types of negative posts that can ultimately harm your brand.

The team at Goodbay also uses many different tools (like Admin Access, Hootsuite, Sprout Social and more) to manage this effort. We’re able to use sophisticated analytics to track the success of these engagements, giving you an excellent idea of how your social media support impacts both the quality of your customer experience and your brand’s reputation in general.

App and Product Review Moderation

Another modern day phenomenon that brands must think about has to do with app and product reviews left online. Reviews in places like the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon or at any other retail site are great because they allow customers to voice their opinion and give a rating.

The problem is that many products and services live and die by their user ratings online, which makes moderation a top priority.

When left unchecked, negative online reviews or “review bombs” can end your sales and marketing efforts before they truly have a chance to get off the ground. Positive reviews, on the other hand, will influence sales, downloads your brand and, most importantly of all, your bottom line.

You might not have the time every day to manage these app and product reviews yourself, but when you find the right customer support outsourcing company like Goodbay you don’t actually have to. We manage review responses with similar techniques to how we engage on social media. We always move the engagement to your CRM to guarantee that customers are taken care of and that they get the resolution they seek.

Afterwards, we still encourage customers to leave positive reviews, even if it’s only about the positive support experience they just had.

By utilizing tools like Bazaar Voice to manage retail review responses, you gain access to powerful analytics that offer insight into how to improve your product and customer experience moving forward. This gives us the ability to respond to many reviews as efficiently as possible on your behalf, all while tracking agent performance on how they engage with customers in a public setting as well.

Content Moderation

One of the most important things for you to understand about the digital world we’re now living in is that user generated content is one of the fastest drivers of growth for many online companies in existence.

However, this valuable resource cannot go unchecked – which is why the moderation of said content is of critical importance. Oftentimes, this is a significant challenge for not only gaming and social media companies, but also dating sites, on demand services, online marketplaces, communication apps, photo content centers and many, many others.

The moderation effort needed to maintain a safe and trustworthy community is significant. It often includes not only making sure that submitted content adheres to your guidelines, terms of service and legal stipulations, but also implementing a block/ban policy and more. Even self-policed communities need a team that will monitor user submitted content complaints to make sure everything is proceeding as it should be, which is again why a partner in these efforts will quickly prove invaluable.

When you partner with a company like Goodbay Technologies or a similar source, a team of moderation agents will operate on your behalf to address all of these concerns at the exact same time. Using back end tools, they can validate and verify content, block and/or reject content, enforce a moderation bible/playbook, look for trends that can help you positively impact the way users submit content and more.

Oftentimes, this requires a concerted effort between your partner and your own in-house team – especially as far as things like legal issues, safety/trust concerns and community management go.

If you tried to handle all of this in-house, this type of transactional “busy work” can bog down even the highest paid Community Managers and Customer Support Agents. But if you outsource this work to a partner, you’re not only getting the job done at a lower total cost, but you’re doing so in a way that still gives you the ability to significantly scale while keeping your users and community safe and trustworthy at the exact same time.

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These are just a few of the important factors you need to consider when operating a business in the modern online era. If you’d like to find out more information about the importance of social media support and moderation, or if you have any additional questions you’d like to discuss with someone in a little more detail, please don’t delay – contact Goodbay Technologies today.