Hiring Intelligently: If You Can Find the Best People, You Can Build the Best Business

Any entrepreneur or business owner will tell you that hiring is tough – this is true whether you’ve just started your first business or your fifth. In a lot of ways, hiring the wrong person to fill a position is actually worse than not hiring anybody at all.

For starters, the wrong hire will hurt more than just your organizational productivity. It could actually cause damage to your company culture that is difficult to recover from – if you’re able to do so at all. Likewise, the cost to replace that bad hire can be staggering – certainly more than any business owner would like to be dealing with.

But at the same time, hiring INTELLIGENTLY is even harder in a lot of ways. To achieve this goal, you need an equally intelligent hiring process. At the very least, it must be equal in intelligence to the ideal candidate you’re trying to find in the first place.

At Goodbay Technologies, we understand all of this – which is why we’ve made it a priority to deploy many different facets and departments to help select the best possible candidates as quickly as we can.

The Goodbay Hiring Process: Breaking Things Down

At Goodbay, our hiring process is made up of a number of distinct parts that, when taken together, add up to something far more powerful than any one of them could be on their own. These include:

  • Leveraging the best in modern hiring technology for not only pre-interview filtering, but also on-site testing as well. This allows us to cut through all the noise of potential applicants, allowing the proverbial cream to rise to the top of the pack, so to speak.
  • We also leverage a dedicated, traditional human resources team to help shepherd people through the process in the most effective way possible.
  • We employ a series of passionate communications experts, many of whom were former educators and other experts in the space, to assess the communications skills and styles of potential applicants.
  • We then turn everything over to our operations team to measure experience, skills and an overall alignment of someone’s personality to YOUR unique company culture.

So, all of this demands the question: how do you find the right people with the right skills, anyway? How do you do this successfully ONE time, let alone enough times to fill a 1,200+ seat call center?

The answer to that question involves multiple layers, all working in tandem with one another. These are not only layers of skill, but also talent, personality and even experience assessment.

It may sound like a lot of work and, from a certain perspective, it absolutely is. It takes an incredible level of commitment to do it right and it takes a lot of time – possibly as many as six hours – per candidate.

But at the same time, you have to remember that time spent upfront equals time PRESERVED down the road if the process prevents you from hiring the wrong person to begin with.

In other words, when the stakes are this high, is this really a process you want to rush through?

Of course it isn’t – and that’s not what we want, either.

The problem with many BPOs is that they are essentially content with the bare minimum. They hire a candidate who can A) speak the language required, who B) has basic computer skills, and who C) is willing to work for the salary band or hourly rate offered. They do this because they’re operating under the assumption that every other skill needed to actually excel in that position can be trained.

That assumption, of course, isn’t based in anything even remotely resembling reality.

At Goodbay Technologies, we do things a bit differently. Goodbay realizes that you can only train the RIGHT person to be the BEST person – end of story. You cannot train the WRONG person to suddenly become a GOOD employee. If they’re not a fit for the position, they’re not a fit for the position – to pour time and money into pretending that to be true is only delaying the inevitable revelation that you’ve made a series, mission-critical mistake.

We prefer to take steps today to avoid that mistake tomorrow.

Even the best training in the world will yield mediocre results if the person engaged in that training is not the right fit, which is why we go above and beyond to find those ideal candidates in the most effective ways that we can.

The Costs of Getting it Wrong: What You Need to Know

But before we get to the process itself, it’s important to establish what the stakes are. Poor hiring processes ultimately create poor workforces, which can have a negative ripple effect across your organization in the worst possible way.

Consider the following statistics:

  • According to one recent study, a massive 58% of employees say that they have either left a job or would consider leaving one if the company culture was negative. Remember that it takes only one “bad” employee who is the wrong fit for an organization to create this toxic environment.
  • On the flip side, having the type of culture that attracts top talent to your organization in the first place can lead to a 33% higher revenue.
  • Another recent study revealed that companies with strong cultures had an increase in revenue growth that was literally four times higher compared to those without.
  • Another study indicated that 82% of executives said that a strong company culture was directly attributable to their own competitive advantage.

This is what we mean when we say that hiring is about more than just finding a warm body to fill a seat in your call center. Not only do you need someone willing to give 100% to their job – you need someone who fully believes in your mission and who has dedicated themselves to not only serving your customers, but to making meaningful contributions to your larger organization.

The wrong hire isn’t capable of doing that, and it isn’t even necessarily through any fault of their own. The wrong hire is exactly that – the wrong person for the wrong job at the wrong time.

Regardless of the type of business you’re trying to run, that’s a situation that you would do well to avoid at all costs.

The Art of Finding the “Right Fit” – A Process Begins

When we say that someone is the “right fit,” we’re going off of more than just intuition or a gut feeling. When we use the term “right fit” at Goodbay Technologies, we mean exactly that – someone who is a clear communicator and an empathetic problem solver who is culturally aligned with your unique customer-base.

This comprehensive skills assessment begins before the candidates ever even walk into our building. It starts with an in-house, proprietary and web-based (read: mobile friendly) skills assessment examination that is deployed before the candidate is ever even invited for an interview.

Clients who clear that assessment are then invited in-house for additional rounds of assessment, which include things like:

  1. The Writing Round.
  2. The Typing Test.
  3. The Cultural Fit Assessment.
  4. The Human Resources Round.
  5. The Ops Round.

Again – all of these are hugely important on their own. But when taken together, they’re a fluid and organic way to make sure that you’re hiring the right person for the right position at exactly the right moment in your company’s history.

The Writing Round

At Goodbay Technologies, our Writing Round consists of two core components: a non-voice segment, followed by a voice segment.

During the non-voice portion of this round, a question bank of 100 different questions will be maintained by our own in-house people. Writing samples are then to be corrected by language professionals (former teachers and language instructors), who will do a basic check for both grammar and sentence construction.

At that point, candidates who have been identified as having strong writing skills are cleared to take the Typing Test round (see below).

For the voice portion of this round, a basic questionnaire with two questions on both accomplishments and mistakes is given to all voice-based candidates. Writing samples will once again be corrected by the human resources interviewing team, who will still be doing their basic check for both grammar and sentence construction. Those candidates who are identified as having average writing skills or above are then cleared to proceed to the next round.

The Typing Test

At this point, anyone who has cleared the previous round will be given the Typing Test – something designed to allow us to dive deeper not only into their abilities as a candidate, but into how they may fit within the context of your business and its voice.

At this point, certain types of candidates will begin to reveal themselves based on the aptitude they’ve shown thus far. It still won’t necessarily be enough to land someone a position, but we will be in a better position to single out the types of people who have clearly shown that they are worth paying attention to.

The Cultural Fit Assessment

While a particular candidate waits for the human resources round to begin, a corporate video will be shown on the LCD screen in the Goodbay Technologies waiting room. This video expresses our mission statement, our core values and our personality trains – all of which we expect our staff members to exhibit.

Ultimately, this serves two purposes. The first is that it helps people develop their own expectations, as by now they will begin to get a better idea of whether or not THEY fit in for the position to which they are applying. It also gives us another opportunity to observe how people react to the corporate video itself, thus shedding valuable insight into what additions they may make to a particular cultural environment.

The Human Resources Round

This is one of the most important parts of our intelligent hiring process, as anyone who clears the Typing Test will have a personal interview with the human resources interviewing team. During this time, the below checks will be done – and notes and other details will be recorded – by way of a Candidate Assessment sheet:

  • General Attitude. How seriously does this person take the position to which they are applying? What are their thoughts on the type of impact they might make? What ideas do they have about how they might contribute to the organization? The answers to all of these questions and more will be considered.
  • Experience Details. Does this person’s work history up to this point align with what we are looking for in a candidate? Do they have the literal skills as well as the real-world skills necessary to do this job in the first place? Would it be unreasonable to expect this person to rise to the challenge we are putting in front of them?
  • Stability. How many jobs has this person had throughout their career? If they’ve changed jobs often, why is that? Was it due to a problem with the way they work, or are they unsure of their career path and thus likely to leave again? Remember that we don’t just want to find the right person for a job – we want to find people who will STAY in that job and contribute for as long as possible.

These and other factors examined during this round will begin to paint a vivid picture about the overall background of the person sitting in front of us. By now, a variety of additional candidates will have been weeded out and those who still remain are free to proceed.

The Ops Round

Last but not least we have the ops round – something available to anyone who clears the Human Resources round who still wants to proceed.

The Ops Round takes the form of a personal interview with the Ops team itself, during which the below checks will be completed. Additional notes and details will also be recorded in the Candidate Assessment sheet, as was true above.

  • We’ll take a deep dive into a person’s overall skills not only in terms of writing, but also with regards to technical skills, sales, customer skills and more.
  • We’ll thoroughly examine someone’s ability to communicate including their comprehension of contextual questions (always essential in a nuanced line of work like customer service), their critical thinking abilities and more.
  • We’ll carefully consider their cultural fitment from a number of angles. The candidate will be invited to participate in a question and answer session about the corporate video they viewed, for example, which will give us a chance to properly judge their overall customer alignment.
  • Finally, we will look at both their personality and their project fitment. Overall, we’re looking to answer a very simple question: does this candidate align with the specific client we have in mind for them? This is the period during which their personality and motivation will be assessed in great detail.

The road to get to this final part of the process was time-consuming, yes. But as the old saying goes – anything worth doing is worth doing PROPERLY.

Generally speaking, for every 100 people who begin this process and who go through this rigorous level of pre-screening, only about four are actually selected and invited to begin the journey with Goodbay Technologies.

Some people may look at a 4% success ratio and call it a failure. We take a decidedly different view. For both ourselves and our clients, there is nothing more devastating than hiring the wrong person. The wrong hire could negatively impact the quality of the work you’re able to do for your own clients. It could potentially harm the ability of your other employees to come together to function as the team they were meant to be. It means you’re paying the wrong person to do a job that ultimately doesn’t live up to anyone’s expectations – all before you have to let them go and begin the process all over again.

Why go to all that trouble just to wind up back in the same position you were when you started? Isn’t it better to take steps today to mitigate these types of problems down the road?

What’s better for your long-term goals as a business – waiting for a problem to arise so that you can solve it, or proactively preventing the problem from happening altogether?

At Goodbay Technologies, we deeply believe in the former – and it’s something that’s allowed us to generate a great deal of success for our own clients for many years. Once you see the quality of the candidate this in-house process is capable of delivering, we think that you’ll start to believe in it, too.

If you’d like to find out more information about why hiring intelligently is of paramount importance in a fast-paced environment like a call center, of if you have any additional questions that you’d like to discuss with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact Goodbay Technologies today.