How to Get The Most out of Your Outsourced Customer Services Provider

Although managed services growth is steady, as customer support outsourcing matures, the prevalence for working with the lowest cost customer support provider is diminishing. Developing a strategic partnership with your outsourced customer service provider is key, as there is truth in the old adage – you get what you pay for.

Today’s customers are sharp and can recognize when your company’s outsourced customer service provider is not the top of the line. In the long run, cheaper customer support is never better, as this leads to low CSAT, negative online reviews, loss of revenue and erosion of your brand.
It is important to know what you are getting when you outsource. Smart companies have learned the hard way, hearing about and seeing companies that have outsourced to inexpensive providers, only to realize they were not effective. As a result, they may have to bring that function back in-house.

Finding the right outsourced customer service provider

Companies who find themselves in the position of having to bring functions in-house now look to premium customer support providers that deliver intelligent customer support at scale. This need has caused a resurgence in the outsourced customer support space. A premium customer support partner will save on support staff, while delivering high quality.

Does this benefit the company? Absolutely. This strategy has a positive impact on the bottom line, in addition to gaining satisfied customers. Companies who get the most out of their premium provider can improve their customer experience and customer journey without incurring the costs of having an in-house model. .

Customer support companies offer consulting, and a perspective on how successful companies provide the best customer service, which cannot be achieved just using in-house employees. Around the clock support is easily achieved with a customer service provider, and is no longer an expensive option for those operations who need to manage manpower at different hours of the day or night.

Effectiveness of an outsourced customer service provider

An outsourced customers service provider is effective in a number of ways:

  • Redundant staffing

In-house customer service employees can make a company lose productivity and coverage if an employee misses work. With a customer service provider, the organization receives redundant staffing. By using the outsourced model, the company will always have coverage that they pay for, instead of affecting your bottom line.

  • Advanced reporting & analytics

Customer support partners provide advanced reporting & analytics to help companies gain more insight into their customers. The data they provide creates opportunities to make better strategic decisions, stronger marketing campaigns, and enhanced profitability. When in-house, the company has one specific way to handle reporting and evaluate customer service data. An outsourced provider has experience in providing information through a number of sources to add value and insight.

  • Human resources

HR, staffing and scaling is easy with an outsourced customer service provider. The company can focus on internal functions while the service provider handles resumes, interviews, and talent acquisition. They help by taking full control of the talent management process, including onboarding, training, and process management.

  • Demand-flex

This is advantageous for an organization, especially during the holiday season. While most companies have a period of downtime, an outsourced customer support provider allows you to scale up during these periods to meet the needs of the company any time of year. There is no need for temporary workers or additional overhead costs.

  • Director-level management

An outsourced customer service provider serves as an additional layer of management. Your in-house CS management team can work with them to implement changes and try new customer support strategies. While the provider is known to provide top-notch customer service solutions, you also get world-class management where you need it the most.

Taking a closer look

A great example of a premium customer support provider that has worked with companies who initially used the more inexpensive route is Goodbay Technologies. We are effective at engaging and working with companies who have encountered unfortunate situations and were considering bringing their customer service functions back in-house. Companies have found Goodbay more than capable of handling support and customer service the right way. These client testimonials demonstrate what can be done with the right customer support partner:

“After interviewing many firms, I realized that Goodbay was run very differently than other offshore outsourcing companies. After meeting with your team, I got the sense that our customers and critical business process would be treated with the utmost care, which is why I moved forward.”

 CEO of Diversified Consumer Electronics Company

“We selected Goodbay as a service provider because they have a specialization in mobile first customer support and were already in tune with our business needs. This made onboarding, transitioning, piloting and partnering for the long term easy. We would only consider outsourcing customer support permanently if it was on par or better than what we’ve been doing in-house.”

SVP Operations – Mobile AdTech Company

This demonstrates that companies can get premium support while controlling their costs at the same time by using an outsourced customer service provider. This increases productivity, efficiency and effectiveness to generate revenue. A model that consistently evolves, employing a provider that meets your needs can truly make the difference.