7 Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service

7 Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service

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Customer service is an essential part of doing business today, and can be one of the quickest ways to either gain or lose customers. When done right, a first-time customer quickly becomes a repeat customer. When done wrong, an otherwise loyal customer can be lost forever.

To improve customer service, many companies are finding that outsourcing it to a specialized firm is much more beneficial than trying to do it themselves. By outsourcing it to a professional, they are able to save significant money and time that they can use to better run their business.

Outsourced customer service firms are set up to handle all of your customer service needs in a way that can be easily tailored to your business. They focus on specialized training for their agents that allow them to handle any type of customer scenario.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your customer service:

1) You save on both money and resources – Creating your own call center from scratch can be very expensive and a logistical nightmare. By using an outsourced call center, these costs are now spread over many different clients with no additional training required on your part.

2) 24/7 customer support – Around-the-clock availability is not an option for most companies with in-house customer service. However, many outsourced customer support options have the staff and resources to offer this kind of total access, which your customers will more than appreciate.

3) Increased flexibility and scalability – As call volumes rise and fall throughout the day, many agents can be left sitting idle and restless. This is not only bad for the agents, but it reduces productivity and efficiency if there aren’t other clients for the agents to work with. Sharing agents in an outsourced firm can substantially reduce the cost-per-call rate for each client.

4) Dedicated call managers – Many call managers at outsourced firms are specially trained to handle a much wider variety of customer scenarios. These dedicated managers not only cut down on additional training costs for hiring your own managers, but can increase your clients’ customer service experience as well.

5) Specialized industry knowledge and experience – Many outsourced call centers have expertise in a particular industry. This experience has given them insights and strategies that you can leverage that in-house call centers simply can’t offer.

6) Access to analytics and cost management tools – Outsourced call centers typically have advanced tools to measure per-call costs that in-house call centers do not. This allows them to share this information with clients every month to monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns while also saving the client money in the process.

7) Quality monitoring and control – Some call center activities require resources and experience that most in-house centers don’t have. Often certain monitoring tools and improvements plans are necessary to ensure certain benchmarks are met that only outsourced call centers have available.

Additional benefits like access to future technological improvements and a likely increase in your Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT) are also worth considering when it comes to outsourcing your customer service.

While outsourcing customer service can be an excellent way to not only cut costs and improve overall customer experience, it must be done the right way to be effective.

At Goodbay, our state-of-the-art call centers offer 24/7 support, specialized industry knowledge, advanced analytics and cost management tools, and much more.

We understand the needs of clients to provide top-quality customer service while also reducing costs and have designed our business to meet both of those needs better than any other provider. Get in touch with us to learn more!