Zinio Case Study

Zinio Moves Customer Touchpoints to Digital & Increases CSAT to 95%

Digital Subscription Services: Zinio

The Challenge: Give Intelligent Support to Publishers and Readers Simultaneously

Digital MagazinesZinio is the world’s largest technology platform for digital magazines.  They distribute over 100 million copies of 5000 titles in 160 countries.

Over a short period of time, their offerings became immensely popular with readers and their subscriber base expanded rapidly. This growth led to scalability issues for Zinio’s customer support, which didn’t have the people-power, space, or budget to establish a substantial customer support function.

Zinio’s existing customer care department handled two distinctly different kinds of customers — subscribers (B2C) and publishers (B2B).  They served these two groups out of San Francisco (voice) and Barcelona (digital). Most issues were elementary, focusing on straight-forward bill payment questions or address updates.

What Goodbay Did: Paired Digital Customers with Digital Support

Goodbay updated Zinio’s entire support plan by transitioning all technical support, billing, account management, and subscriber retention to a digital model.  We moved touchpoints from phone to live chat & email, relocated coverage to India to reduce support costs, and provided global support coverage 24/7.

We also delivered strategies to help Zinio boost subscriber retention efforts for all 5000 of their publications, increasing upselling associated with retention from 30% of interactions to 70%.

Value Delivered: Better Scores, Higher Sales, & Fewer Headaches

Goodbay reduced the number of agents required and increased CSAT for both customers and B2B clients. This eliminated the constraints around fixed staffing that had plagued Zinio’s in-house teams.  Zinio finally had a high performing digital customer service organization – that matched it powerful digital publishing brand.

95% CSAT Scores

We were in the middle of a reorganization and it was critical that we partnered with a company that could replicate our in-house quality, learned quickly and one that we could trust to support our global users across a multitude of digital platforms.
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