Augmented Reality Gaming Case Study

A Monumental Improvement in Customer Service for Gaming Frontrunner

AR Game Case Study

Mobile Gaming

A San Francisco-based gaming powerhouse best known for developing augmented reality mobile games launched a game in the summer of 2016 that became an overnight cultural phenomenon and generated more than $3 billion in revenue.

The Challenge: Overwhelming Demand was Destroying Brand

Unfortunately, the gaming publisher’s bargain offshore customer service provider was not keeping up. Slow response times, low customer satisfaction, and lack of collaboration from their support partner were negatively impacting the company’s brand and community of loyal users, destroying the game maker’s reputation for high quality and service.

What Goodbay Did: Match Passionate Customers With Reps of Equal Passion

Mobile Gaming Case StudyGoodbay recognized that the best people to support gamers would be gamers themselves and chose team members for this client who were avid fans of the company’s titles. We worked closely with the publisher to ensure their players received the highest quality service.

We focused on reporting so data trends and customer sentiment could drive service and game improvements. Bugs and trending issues were reported immediately to the publishers’ live ops and engineering teams.  We generated detailed Voice of the Customer and Dissatisfied Player reports to identify improvement opportunities within each game title.

Value Delivered: Customers stayed, played, and paid 

Goodbay quickly helped drive up retention, loyalty, and satisfaction across the board. Today, Goodbay handles all levels of this company’s support across all topics, spending tiers, channels, and social media moderation. Client feedback gave Goodbay a Net Promoter Score of 10 out of 10 for this achievement

20% Increase in CSAT

100 NPS

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