Steam Game Case Study

Championing a STEAM Record Breaker

Gaming Case Study


The first Steam game ever to host 1 million concurrent players for 365 consecutive days was an incredible online multiplayer battle royale developed and published by one of Asia’s top game studios. 

The Challenge: Sharpen Every Weapon in the Armory

Gaming Customer Service Case StudyThe game’s global success on PC, Xbox , PS4 and Google Stadia depended on rapidly expanding and reaching players all over the world. The publisher needed scalable and versatile player support to meet a unique demand. They required agents who understood the complexities of the game and had the technical skills to support it across different gaming platforms.

The publisher also needed intelligent insights into customer trends, community sentiment, and operational architecture to keep it ahead of its competitors. 

What Goodbay Did: Cared About Gamers

Geeks need other geeks. So Goodbay assembled team members who were avid fans and already entrenched in the game. Players reached support agents who met them at every response with adoration and the same passion for battle as the game’s biggest Twitch influencers.

Focused reporting and analytics were also applied by Goodbay to drive customer service and game improvements. We generated detailed Voice of the Customer, and Dissatisfied Player reports to identify opportunities for improvement within the game.

Value Delivered: Steadfast Support in Frenzied Arena

 The landmark game’s debut shattered all records. With Goodbay support planned from day one to meet global launches on PC, Xbox, PS4, and Google Stadia customer care easily kept pace with players. Across the globe, Goodbay contributions achieved the highest satisfaction numbers the client ever recorded.

1+ Million Players Supported

400 CS Articles

70 Per Cent CSAT

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