EZVIZ Case Study

Team Consolidation Massively Improves First Call Resolution

EZVIZ Case Study

Consumer Electronics and IoT: EZVIZ

The Challenge: Create a Seamless Customer Experience in a Distributed Environment

EZVIZ CameraEstablished in 2013, EZVIZ is one of the most reliable and respected smart home security brands in the world.  They sell their surveillance cameras with Amazon, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and multiple smart home platforms.

Unfortunately, EZVIZ divided their customer support between competing organizations: a domestic service partner provided phone services, and an offshore team delivered email support. Customers experienced a fragmented and inconsistent experience, and EZVIZ struggled to establish accountability and manage two teams.

What Goodbay Did: Get the Right Problems to The Right People

Goodbay used its in-depth expertise in the connected home IoT space to recommend an omnichannel approach.  We recommended combining EZVIZ’s call, email, and chat support centers into one cohesive team.

We changed the training program, introducing and an in-house Product Lab to ensure agents had hands-on experience setting up EZVIZ security systems. We added agents who had the technical expertise necessary to pinpoint advanced problems quickly and, most importantly, empowered them to solve network issues. We then optimized routing so customers quickly reached the agent that could help them fastest.

Value Delivered: The Focus To Free Your Business

By consolidating EZVIZ’s support efforts, Goodbay outperformed EZVIZ’s internal support team across crucial metrics. Notably, first call resolution times (FRTs) shrunk by 7 hours in the first three months of operation. The improvements freed EZVIZ from the problems of managing a customer service center and allowed them to retrain their focus on pleasing new customers.

11.2 X

87 Per Cent

7 Hour FRT Reduction

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EZVIZ Case Study