Reduced Returns Helps CSAT Soar for Element Electronics

Element Electronics Case Study

Consumer Electronics: Element

The Challenge: Quickly Ramp Expert Assistance Stevie Award Logo

Element Electronics is a leading US-based Smart TV manufacturer with sales and distribution through Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other major retailers.

Their televisions are sophisticated, connected devices – but their customer support reps were only armed with scripts. They had neither the background to troubleshoot complex customer concerns, nor the insight to fix problems. It led to poor resolution rates, a backlog of tickets, a growing number of dropped calls, and negative online reviews. Element lacked insight into their customer service data, and costly product returns started to pile up.

Goodbay’s Solution: Closely Review Customer Scenarios & Issues

Goodbay deployed technically skilled agents who had had the expertise to diagnose product issues and help customers integrate new TV’s into their home WiFi and digital ecosystems. By leveraging our in-house Product Lab, Goodbay gave agents hands-on experience setting up actual Element products from out of the box and into Home WiFi and multiple-smart-device set-ups.

By implementing Zendesk CRM, customized advanced reporting and analytics, we gave Element’s design manufacturing and sales teams better insights into precisely what issues they needed to address. We then recommended streamlined RMA processes – and high resolution phone, email, and chat workflows to reduce returns.

Value Delivered: Understanding Your Customers Makes Everyone Happy

Goodbay’s resident talent and best practices allowed Element to understand what its customers encountered at precisely every step of every call. These insights allowed Element’s design, manufacturing, and sales teams to drive better product decisions and reduce returns.  Our partnership helped Element achieve better first call resolutions, reduce RMA times, increase CSAT, and improve customer product reviews. 

When retailers noticed the spectacular results, they increased their order volume and display space for Element TVs.

64% Reduction in RMA

38% CSAT Increase

20% Reduction in Support Calls

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