adobe Case Study

Reduced First Call Response Time by 35% for abode System Customers

abode Case Study

Consumer Electronics and IoT: abode

The Challenge: Get a Flood of Customers Up and Running Faster

abode systemsAbode Systems is a leading global manufacturer of smart home and security devices, developing its products with embedded platform partnerships with Amazon, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. They offer phone support for both DIY and professional installers. Their low-cost, offshore, customer support solution worked well until their products became wildly popular among consumers. 

Sudden popularity increased their resolution times, created a backlog of tickets, and negative online reviews crept up.  When support inflows increased 10X over 60 days, they knew they had to fix the problem, but their partner was unable to scale up the technical staff who could support the sudden surge. 

Goodbay’s Solution: Quickly Source and Onboard Existing Experts

Using their in-depth industry knowledge and expertise in the connected home IoT space, Goodbay recognized the importance of hiring technically-skilled agents who could properly address customer concerns. We quickly identified and recruited a large pool of agents that understood both consumer electronics and the ecosystem of abode’s platform partnerships, and trained them in abode’s specifics. We then quickly migrated phone, chat, and email support from their old provider and expanded support to 24/7.

Value Delivered: More Satisfaction by More New Customers.

In less than two months, by replacing their inadequate vendor with a large bank of technically-proficient agents working around the clock, Goodbay removed all of the backlogs, dramatically reduced response time, and significantly reduced repairs and returns. These actions enabled abode to continue their aggressive growth, and helped abode satisfy 5X new customers month over month.

35 Per Cent FRT Improvement

914 Per Cent Support Capacity Growth

5 x Customer Growth

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abode Case Study