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Goodbay Supports the World’s Top Grossing Gaming Publishers

We’ve partnered with the gaming industry’s global leaders to ensure that their players STAY, PLAY, and PAY. Our support expertise drives retention, loyalty, and satisfaction with some of the biggest studios. We have mobile gaming unicorns and major media giants under our care. We thrive in taking start-ups to the next level. Our support experience in gaming is unmatched!

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Scaling for Your Success

Mobile Gaming is a hit-driven industry. Successful game studios can go from a small organization to over $1-billion in revenue in a year. Goodbay specializes in delivering player support that can scale with your success, without sacrificing quality.

Evolving with Your Game

Over the lifetime of a game, a player’s support demands shift. Their initial enthusiasm morphs for an exciting new freemium game to an expectation for superior service that matches their lifetime spend. Goodbay’s proven processes evolve and mature along with your game, business, and player expectations. We’re agile and pivot at a moment’s notice to your shifting customer, CSAT, and FRT needs.

We Get Gamers

At Goodbay we have gamers supporting gamers. What makes us so successful is that we hire avid fans and we build time into an agent’s day to play your game. We share our passion with your players in every ticket. Gaming is a culture and we embody that, so your business and customers see the excitement in every one of our responses.

Reporting and Analytics

Goodbay unlocks the information from your players. Bugs and trending issues are reported immediately to your live ops and engineering teams. Additionally, we extract detailed Voice of the Customer and expansive Dissatisfied Player reports to collaborate on areas of opportunity within your game.

"Goodbay’s experienced mobile gaming support team enabled us to quickly onboard, train, pilot, and hit the ground running. Their dedicated agent model has driven exceptional results for us and their management team is top-notch. Goodbay provides us with intelligent reporting and analytics so we can understand the drivers of the support tickets. We are working together to improve not only the player experience, but also our games."

Social Point (A top grossing mobile game publisher and a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive)

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