Digital Media and Entertainment

Partnering with Worldwide Media & Entertainment Brands

The largest Hollywood and global media names use Goodbay to support their brands to:

  • Service digital and streaming media subscribers (SVOD)
  • Engage interactive and mobile gaming studios’ players
  • Assist audio streaming listeners
  • Enable digital media and publications’ readers
  • Troubleshoot apps and smart devices
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Simply put no matter how you read, watch, listen or play with your favorite Movie and TV Stars, it is likely Goodbay is supporting you!

Brand Ambassadors

Film and TV studios have spent decades building their brands and identifies for their valuable characters, TV shows, and movie franchises. Goodbay specializes our training for each of our clients to uphold these brands and we’re renowned for supporting globally adored TV and movie franchises.

Subscription Services

Goodbay knows that a monthly membership fee for streaming and digital content is precious. The smallest gap in support risks customer churn and a loss in revenue. We’ve put our reputation on the line to ensure positive customer sentiment after every support interaction. We’ve worked with major brands to improve their customer retention by more than 60%!

Device Support

Media and entertainment products integrate in a wide range of devices and platforms including ROKU, Amazon Fire, Hulu, Alexa, Apple, and Google. We support the devices and the apps your customers use to tap into your media content. Anything preventing your users from enjoying the media they paid for…we’ll resolve!

To discuss a potential outsourcing partnership, call us at 1-800-538-6345.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Goodbay this past year. They’ve exceeded our CSAT targets our entire relationship. Having staff available 24/7 is critical for us at Radio.Com to ensure our listeners, station managers, and media partners alike are supported whenever they choose to reach us.
Jon Redick
Senior Manager, Entercom /, Goodbay Client since 2018

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