Chat Support


Chat Support is a method of customer service that allows customers to instant message your company’s support team via your website. This instant access adds significant benefits for both the customers and the company, most notably the ability for each side to multitask while resolving the issue.

Benefits of Chat Support:

  • Increases customer convenience
  • Proactive outreach
  • Faster problem resolution and shorter wait times
  • Reduces customer service costs
  • Increased conversions and sales
  • Improves overall customer service and loyalty
  • Helps companies discover customer pain points
  • Users have the ability to send and receive files
  • Additional market research and analytics

When it comes to Customer Service, companies are always trying to find the most effective ways to both create a better customer experience and reduce costs at the same time. Chat Support has the unique benefit of doing both.

In addition, it’s been shown recently that Chat Support helps drive increased conversions and sales, often through product upsells. And since Chat Support is often a customer’s first interaction with a business, it can be great for boosting retention rates as well.

At Goodbay, we believe Chat Support should be an essential feature in every company’s customer service arsenal. That’s why we offer this feature to each of our clients in addition to our industry knowledge and years of experience. This combination of simplicity, reduced costs, and superior customer service skills is what allows us to offer outsourcing options that no other company can. Contact us to learn more!