COVID-19 Operations Update

Goodbay has successfully transitioned its employees to a work from home model.   We are fully operational, supporting our clients during this global crisis. We recognized that this is a time when we are needed the most by our clients, employees and the customers we all support.

Thankfully, we continue to take extra care with our staff, while providing stable operations to our clients.

If there is anything we can do to help out in any way, contact us here. 

How we are meeting the challenges of COVID-19

BCP execution

Goodbay has comprehensive business continuity plans in place that span natural disasters, mass infrastructure failures and pandemic events like COVID-19.  Through proactive planning and rigorous testing of our BCP, we were able to ensure that, with very short notice, all business services-maintained continuity. Our client’s customers continued to receive 100% support. 

Work from Home Staffing

We have leveraged the work from home (WFH) model to protect the safety of our staff and their families.  Goodbay distributed technology assets and security protocols to employees before the shelter-in-place orders were issued. This ensured we were able to support our customers immediately after authorities announced restrictions.

100% Uptime

Goodbay’s clients have continued to experience 100% uptime.  WFH associates are using the same superior customer support technology and best practices that our clients have come to expect from our regular operations.

Ability to engage and partner with new clients

If your current support department is disrupted or disabled and you need to find alternatives fast, contact us.  We’re ready to support you and your customers.

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