Premium Cable and Satellite Television Channel Case Study

Goodbay Provides Epic Support for Content Powerhouse

Premium Streaming Case

Premium Cable and Satellite Television Channel

Goodbay’s Media and Entertainment client portfolio includes a premium cable and satellite TV channel. It provides streaming content that includes theatrically released motion pictures, original series, documentaries, music and comedy. In a little over a decade, this client has forged alliances with all the leading U.S. cable and satellite networks, including Comcast, xfinity, Cox, DISH, DIRECTV, Spectrum and Verizon FIOS.

The Challenge: Take Over Support and End Customer Dissatisfaction

This content provider handled all of its Customer Service using contract employees. The practice became cumbersome to manage and resulted in widely varying levels of skill and commitment by representatives. Training costs were high, turnover was problematic, and scheduling a 24-hour desk was troublesome. Moreover, service was slow and not as helpful as it should be, nor did it match the high level of service that customers associate with the channel’s network partners. Best efforts were resulting in high call abandon rates, delayed email response times, and high customer frustration.

Goodbay’s Solution: Do It Right at Every Opportunity

Premium TV Case StudyGoodbay performed a thorough Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to discover areas of service that could improve. After reviewing our action plan, the company pulled the plug on managing its Customer Service internally and partnered with Goodbay to take it over completely.

Goodbay first secured device availability for the support team across multiple platforms, including Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Android OS to ensure we could efficiently isolate issues and replicate customer problems with precise knowledge. We augmented device training with biweekly Product Knowledge Tests.

We quickly assembled teams with focused expertise to handle everyday interactions such as taking new subscriptions and handling programming and platform requests. We specialized calls for customers needing resolution of web access issues, assistance with video playback,  password resets, app permissions, and support for additional features such as setting up wireless casting.

To manage the work, we modified existing macros (responses) and created new macros that would positively affect top satisfaction drivers faster. With our expertise in Zendesk reporting, we built multiple reports to understand trends and fine-tune action plans. To reduce customer loss, we spearheaded retention efforts on cancellations and went the extra mile to offer support for subscription tickets that were prone to DSATs.

After establishing procedures, Goodbay developed an internal knowledge base covering all scenarios and created a customer service handbook that would help ensure our learnings and implementations carried forward consistently. Finally, we began regular RCAs to maintain improvement and achieve continual improvement.

Value Delivered: Satisfaction Up, Cancellations Down

Goodbay played a vital role in improving CSAT scores. We implemented 100% voicemail callback within 24 hours and enhanced First Reply Time for emails to an average of just 20 minutes.  ­

62% Improvement in CSAT

100% Call Backs

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