Business Continuity Planning

Goodbay BCPs Keep Shutdowns from Shutting Down Service

Business Continuity Case Study

Business Continuity Planning

 COVID 19In emergency scenarios, including power outages, weather emergencies, political events and natural disasters, business organizations must maintain service to customers, both locally and internationally. The 2020 COVID 19 pandemic disabled entire industries, and many companies found themselves unprepared for this level of turmoil.

Goodbay Technologies took the challenge head-on to ensure our clients could thrive through this catastrophic event, offering a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that maintained the highest standards of service during these disruptions. Leading gaming, consumer electronics, IoT, media, subscription services, entertainment, and many other high-demand industries rely on Goodbay Technologies for customer service operations that remain productive and secure during stressful times. 

The Challenge: Provide Instant, Seamless Support During a Shelter-in-Place Lockdown

On March 23, 2020, India implemented an unprecedented nationwide safety lockdown, impacting the entire population of the country—1.3 billion people. Most business process outsourcing (BPO) companies only had 4 hours to prepare their continuity plans and get work-from-home platforms in place. 

What Goodbay Did: Planned Best for the Worst

Good management means good planning. Goodbay was ready.

BCP PlanningBefore any crisis hits, Goodbay has established detailed procedures to support clients in the event of a worst-case emergency. Plans are extensive and include preparations across all departments—Hiring, Training, Delivery, Accounts, Management and IT. We invest in the highest quality infrastructure and the latest technology, including laptops, security systems, and management tools so that IT is not a barrier to our success. Internet service, food delivery, and transport are all part of this plan. We even invest in housing facilities in case existing dwellings can not be accessed.

Anticipating a country-wide lockdown, Goodbay thoroughly fine-tuned and overhauled every tool and process for each customer, and quickly rolled out an updated BCP. We tested and re-tested all systems, access, hardware, and software to ensure reliability.

We hosted daily meetings and calibrated the next steps for all management routines based on remote interaction. We converted a remote BCP Site into a full housing facility complete with showers, beds, kitchen and cleaning staff, for employees that either could not work from home or travel to their families because of transport lockdown. We opened a command center to provide 24 hours of IT, HR, Finance, and Management support for uninterrupted service delivery. Finally, we communicated our readiness to our clients and demonstrated security protocols to reassure the safety of our plans.  

Value Delivered: Seamless Excellence

Knowing that our operations are of paramount importance to our customers, Goodbay transitioned 100% of its workforce to Work-From-Home within hours of the lockdown, and successfully kept our people motivated and engaged during this high-stress time. When all public and private transport facilities shut down, every single employee was safely transported home and logged-in to complete their shifts, where they had no problem accessing all their usual work tools. Work continued from home regardless of the unprecedented national and global emergency.

100% Uptime 

100% Seamless Transitions

Our BCP Maintained High Levels of Service Satisfaction that Goodbay clients are used to experiencing. Results for CSAT, FRT, AHT, QA were consistent between work-from-home and regular, in-office performance.

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“We were very pleased with Goodbay’s ability to transition
to a remote work environment so quickly. However, it’s
been even more impressive to see how they’ve been able to
maintain team member morale AND a high level of customer
satisfaction with a 100% remote team. Well done!”
Laura Edgar – Technical Support Lead
On a 1-10 scale, Goodbay’s work-from-home customer support was a 10+
Kirsten Alworth, Senior Community Manager