Audacy’s CSAT Soars to 99%

Case Study | Media & Entertainment

Audacy, Inc. is a leading media and entertainment company that reaches over 170 million people each month through its award-winning radio stations, digital platforms and live events.

After merging with CBS Radio (, Audacy’s listener base skyrocketed. They needed to scale support and deliver 24x7 coverage for station managers, system engineers, advertisers and listeners. Additionally, the company needed help with their mobile app, Alexa, and Google Home integrations – which required constant testing of utterances – plus technical support. Limited staffing and a new CRM implementation presented additional challenges.

Audacy chose Goodbay to help transition to the new CRM and evolve to data-driven decision making for support and content improvements.

In this case study, learn how we:

  • Took customer satisfaction (CSAT) from 72% to over 99%.
  • Lowered turnaround time for issue-related responses to 30min or less.
  • Met all parent-company SLAs through 24x7x365 coverage.
  • Re-engineered issue escalation workflows.
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