What’s All the Hype about Hyper-Personalization?

Up to 75% of consumers are more likely to buy again from a company that knows them from their prior behavior, according to ARK Invest. It’s this concept that prompted the strategy of personalizing customer interactions and product offers. Today hyper-personalization takes the same concept and evolves it to a higher level.

Hyper-personalization anticipates a customer’s needs by understanding previous actions and preferences. It’s a data- and technology-rich form of personalization that enables proactive service, individualized interactions and connected experiences across the omnichannel ecosystem.

Whereas personalization is demonstrated when addressing a customer by name or applying a treatment strategy based on segment inclusion, hyper-personalization leverages real-time data and advanced technologies to customize in-the-moment customer experiences. It dips into omnichannel, cross-journey data lakes to design next-best options at an individual level. It also eliminates the tendency to treat “like” customers the same and instead meets individuals where they are with exactly what they need. In a world where customer experience is a driving force behind business success, hyper-personalization has become a strategic imperative for many companies.

Hyper-Personalization Defined

Hyper-personalization involves analyzing customer data in real time using artificial intelligence and machine learning, then applying insights to individualized treatment strategies. Customer data spans all descriptive and behavioral sources – like demographics, purchases, preferences and browsing history – to create a 360-view of the customer. These views are leveraged to deliver instant, context-rich options customized to their needs.

Consumers today want to experience fewer challenges when connecting with customer support, and hyper-personalization is one way to do that. With hyper-personalization, customers experience frictionless interactions across channels through seamless transitions and intelligent contacts. Businesses benefit by driving efficiency into the engagement model and improving top line growth from increased sales. Customers benefit by having effortless experiences that result in the outcome they desire.

The Seamless Customer Journey

In most customer journeys there are obstacles along the way. Whether it be during signup or a first contact with support, or even renewing a service contract, issues are bound to arise that threaten the longevity of a customer relationship. Hyper-personalization helps minimize, and even eliminate, these obstacles. With intelligent decisioning, customer journeys are more seamless with fewer bumps in the road. Offers and treatments individualized to a customer’s requirements empower frontline agents with the exact solution to meet the need. Better brand consistency is delivered across channels because a centralized content management system (CMS) can proactively serve up different content by individual.

Where once a common call script or templated email prompt were relied on to resolve customer problems, hyper-personalization leverages data-driven logic and agent creativity to deliver more resolutions in the first contact. The result is an inherently dynamic process where the customer leaves the support experience feeling valued and, most importantly, with their problem resolved. The customer experience is simplified through the depth of hyper-personalization, and so is the problem resolution process.

A Better Way

Hyper-personalization is about developing an end user experience that generates lifetime value for your customer. Data from hyper-personalization received in real-time delivers results that remove obstacles and foster a seamless support experience. Through hyper-personalization, the customer enjoys better interaction quality with higher resolution so they feel more engaged. While personalization helps you get to know your customers, hyper-personalization enables precision-targeted solutions that your customer may not even know they needed.

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