5 Reasons Outsourcing Is a Competitive Strength

Almost every business understands the value of delivering top-notch customer care in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Customers immediately recognize poor support—and that can lead to lower CSAT scores, negative online reviews, loss of revenue, and erosion of your brand. More importantly, premium support can drive customer loyalty, increase average spend, and promote positive word of mouth.

Unfortunately, operating customer care centers are not a core operational strength for many companies. Digital disruptors, gaming studios, and consumer electronic establishments would rather focus on creating innovative products and services. They often outsource their customer support function to other organizations and benefit greatly from the move. To find out why, we need to look at what the advantages are of moving customer support to an outsource partner.

1. Redundant Staffing & Demand Flexibility

If you run an in-house customer service team, maintaining optimal staffing levels is difficult—especially if employees call in sick or if there’s a spike in volume during busy periods (think Black Friday). You’ll lose productivity, coverage, and ultimately revenue if you do not have enough support.

By outsourcing, your provider handles staffing fluctuations. They have the scale and scope to adjust, and you always have enough working agents to meet demand. You won’t need to build in redundancies to address fluctuations. And you avoid the hassles, training, and overhead associated with hiring temporary workers – which leads to savings.

2. Advanced Reporting & Analytics

A premium customer support partner provides advanced analytics, reporting, and expertise that your company probably doesn’t have. They specialize in support and have the platforms and technologies in place to create powerful reports. Stronger customer insights enhance profitability by driving better strategic decisions, faster product enhancements, and more dynamic marketing campaigns.

An optimal outsourced partner provides more than just CSAT scores. They’ll measure customer satisfaction across diverse channels of support and across multiple customer variables like location, life-time value, and social influence status. Multi-dimensional reporting of KPIs tell a different narrative-one that’s more intelligent and more empowering to your business improvement decisions.

3. Expanded Human Resource Functions

HR and staffing are comprehensive services offered by outsourced customer care organizations. They handle resumes, interviews, and talent acquisition and can take full control of the talent management process. You don’t need to worry about adding HR headcount to onboard, train, certify, and direct process-management for your customer support teams.

4. 24/7 Availability

Customers want support 24 hours a day. But that can be expensive and staffing an always on- center is not easy. An outsourced provider can offer around-the-clock support to meet the expectations of a global customer base-all at a much lower cost than an onshore inhouse team.

5. Director-Level Management

A superior customer service provider can serve as an additional layer of management, allowing you to implement changes and try new support strategies. An outsourced management team will have broad industry experience and will constantly test new methods of support. They have the tools and technology that can drive cost savings and efficiencies for your business.

Setting the Pace of Profit

When you partner with an intelligent outsourced customer support organization, you’ll have access to a passionate team of professionals who specialize in the types of customer experience strategies that fit your company, your culture and your audience. Expenses and headaches will go down, and profits will go up. Delighted customers will become repeat customers and advocates—and they’ll be more than happy to fuel your growth.

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