3 Reasons Outsourcing Customer Support Gives a Competitive Edge

From 2015-2020, the global market for outsourced customer experience services grew from $66.1B to a staggering $82.6B, according to Statista. This increase represents multiple benefits that outsourcing customer support offers across virtually every industry. By outsourcing support, a business not only helps the bottom line – it also enjoys competitive advantages.

Expand Your Reach

Reputable outsourcing partners understand what it takes to meet, and exceed, customer expectations. As part of their efforts to offer world-class support, these vendors augment phone-based services with leading technologies like chatbots and content moderation. Such advanced innovations reduce wait times, make interactions easier and improve online reviews.

These partners also save you significant time and money because they already possess critical infrastructure needed to resolve customer inquiries. They have trained personnel, streamlined processes and robust tech stacks designed to reduce human error and optimize interactions. Outsourcing is far more economical than training and maintaining an in-house support team.

Enhance Product Loyalty

When looking for an outsourcing partner, most organizations focus on improving the customer experience (CX). While this is a core goal, a great vendor also will improve your product or service offering. Through a closed-loop system, agents capture customer feedback about product and service experiences then share these insights throughout the operational and business management departments. This type of rapid information sharing enables quick investigation into, and improvement of, previously unknown issues.

Partnering with an experienced support outsourcer also helps improve customer loyalty. Because customers have easy access to highly skilled service agents, issues are more readily resolved in the first contact. Trained customer support agents understand how to eliminate friction during customer interactions while also providing a high-quality issue resolution. These seamless, low-effort experiences help ensure customers become repeat buyers.

Eliminate Hiring Headaches

The modern consumer expects support to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unfortunately, staffing an internal support center is incredibly challenging, costly and tedious. Most organizations that handle support in-house have gaps in their coverage hours. This can drastically damage the customer experience while also hurting brand reputation. An outsourced customer support provider can offer 24/7 availability as well as top-level service across the globe at a much lower rate than an inhouse team.

Screening, hiring and training customer support representatives can take months. It also ties up an entire HR department, diminishing their ability to serve other employees adequately. Even after agents are hired and trained, an organization will need a management hierarchy to supervise.

Partnering with an outsourcing vendor eliminates these headaches and more. Strong outsourcers already have staff in place and are highly efficient at hiring and training. With an eye toward high-quality delivery, these partners reserve your time for strategic responsibilities – like offering top-quality products and services.

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